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So I ordered a gig which was supposed to be a couple of days (3) turned into a week because this seller didnt listen to any of the messages which I was sending to her which were very very detailed for example (i need a green background) and then she removes all backgrounds completely changing it to a png file.
Anyway finally I got somewhere close to what I wanted and asked her to send the files as its complete as far as im concerned. Then she says “leave me a 5 star review and then I will give you the files”. Now im not sure about anyone else in this forum but I don’t take kindly to blackmail so I contacted the fiverr staff and then also told her “don’t blackmail me ive paid already give me my files”. She then responded that “i didn’t tell her which files I wanted”. Even though the files are included in her gig offer which she created herself…Long story short she finally gave me the files after I threatened to take it further and I left her appropriate feedback. She left negative feedback with lies about me promising 5 star review and that im a scammer. Ive contacted fiverr who have full records of our conversations but im yet to get any response or have her comments removed. Pretty sure this should not be normal procedure here on fiverr. Or am I wrong?


Please remove the name of the seller from your Thread, it is not allowed.


Wow! I’m sure the CS will reply in a timelly manner. As far as I know you might get your refund but both yours and her feedback will stay there. Not sure about that


It is of course not a normal seller procedure in Fiverr. But in Fiverr like in also other places you can find people who’re not 100% professional and unluckily create that kind of situations.
The best answer was to contact CS, to send all the messages and let them deal with the problem.
We sellers have to deal sometimes with buyers who blackmail us to do more work or get a bad review, 1-star review… but I say this just to make my point:
Not all sellers are like that, and not all buyers are bad also.
Once we’ve learned how to choose with whom we’ll be willing to work, things get better.
It’s sad that it’s happened to you. Please feel free to let us know how CS resolved your situation. I personally would like to know.


First of all you have Buyer Profile over fiverr and your Feedback is not showing up on your Profile and 2ndly if there is anything inappropriate in the words of Feedback then it will be removed otherwise not as according to my experience

By the way Leave thinking about it and move on :slight_smile:


Since I have no idea who this seller is or anything about them, I have a few questions to ask you.

I cringe whenever someone post on here that they got ripped off by a “she.” It happens quite often, so that being said, are you sure it was a woman?

Many men have know to download pictures of young women off Google and use it as their profile picture. Some blog (you can search it yourself) coaches people that pictures of young pretty girls will get them more sales.

  • Do a reverse search. Do a (right click) on image than go down to (Search Google for image). Why do this? It goes towards the sellers credibility.

  • The reviews. How many are real and how many are fake? Since I don’t know how many reviews this seller has or what leve they are, here are a few things you can do to see if it is legit:

  • Click on the reviewers name and go to their profile. Look at two things, when was their profile created and what country are they from?

  • If they have no gigs (only a buyer/not a seller) and they happened to be from the same country as the seller and they created their account the same or a month or two after the seller - it’s a red flag.

  • (It’s a good chance the seller has multiple account and they bought their own gig or had friends/family buy and leave them 5 star reviews)

  • If they are a seller who created their account around the same time (not necessarily same country) , check to see if they have exchanged reviews.

  • (There is a blackhat blog where 5r sellers go to exchange reviews - buy each others gig to help get level and rating)

  • Reverse search their gig image to see if it’s been stolen off Google or a fellow seller.

  • Search their profile description to see if it was stolen off a fellow seller.

All this takes about two minutes or less and will help you to determine the seller’s credibility.

The last thing you should do, if not sure is to contact the seller. If he/she is a translator, test them out with simple questions in their native tongue - see what they say. Test their communication skills - don’t go into a long personal history of your life story, not need or necessary, simple quick questions about their gigs will do.

What the seller did to you is illegal. This will help to weed out the fakers from real sellers.

Next time the seller blackmails you with 5 star review, don’t argue with them or respond to them. Get a screen shot of it and immediately report it to customer support - tell them you want to cancel the order because the seller is a fraud.

Customer support takes fake reviews very seriously. It’s a pain you have to start over but at least you won’t have to deal with false reviews and argument with the seller.

Edit: There are tons of great, honest sellers on 5r. I’m sure you know that since you’ve been here for almost two years. You just ran into one of the bad ones!!


Thanks for this concise reply. I take on board what you are saying but do the staff not do any of these tasks? especially if they have the evidence right there? As for the sellers identity its a womans name (im not allowed to post on here apparently, a mod made me remove it). Thats all I can go by but 5r staff are aware of who the seller is.


Not sure what you are saying here but if someone says do not use this person they commit scams im sure you wouldnt just move on. The previous seller i used on 5r was excellent. I even tipped handsomely as he completed my work with minimal fuss and even better than I originally asked.
Guess I got a bad egg. Wonder if the staff read through the forums. I can just have fingers crossed.


Unfortunately, men are known to use women’s name. I search translators, while typing up the above and at least 50% of “women” were fake - all off of Google. They all had women sounding name.

There are hundreds a day or tens of thousands of sellers making gigs each month. 5r has a tough time keeping up. They have implemented systems such as phone verification where they match the area code to the country of origin - to catch fake profiles. They have recently done other things that are making many illegitimate sellers lose gigs.

It’s a demanding task but they are working it the best they can.

Unfortunately, some of their attempts have caught real/legitimate sellers in the net. I feel bad for them but glad to rid of the fakers. The many bad apples are making the hard working, real sellers work even harder.


i Simply said the Feedback given by your seller is not visible for your sellers on your profile


I’m shocked!:scream:


No, they don’t. They make announcements sometimes, and they might take a look at the suggestions, but if you need them to do something, submitting a ticket to Customer Support is the only way.