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Seller tries to use threat of low feedback to get me to cancel his order

So here I was, A buyer sent me a request for a job on programming quoting my C# job. All good so far no?
So I get the job done. And before the delivery time by 3 hours the seller requests he gets the work early. No worries, I can do so. So I do it. Then things start to get funny.

So the buyer tells me he didn’t want it in C# but in another language. I felt it was weird. You quoted my gig which states clearly what I am offering, I didn’t offer the language he needed in my gig but knew enough to make it for him. At that time I took it as a funny mistake, One that you might make because you didn’t pay attention. I shrugged it off but only later did I find out that was the first time he will be attempting to try to get me to “cancel” the order. and sadly not the last.

So I went on. Asked him if everything is alright. Suddenly he disappears. Waited 30 minutes before telling him I will be gone in 30 more minutes or so to sleep. Now guess when he started asking where I am ? Yea that time. Anyhow I slept for barely 3 hours since I had work in the morning and saw that he is saying he has an error and he was online. I ask him to screenshot the error since I tested everything on my machine. He disappears again.

6-hours later he gets me another code that does a completely differant thing that he didn’t even ask for and is a modification of my code. I find it weird that he has such a complicated code there but again, I shrug it off. And he asks for help since its not working.

Alright so he is asking me for help for something he didnt pay for and I didn’t even create. But in any case I still let it go and help him. First solution didnt work. 2nd solution did. And when it did (and I checked it did) he disappeared again. For his THIRD attempt to get me to mess it up to have an excuse to cancel his order didn’t work

Now best part? 3 hours after this entire thing he sent a dispute to close. Saying he “Doesn’t need it anymore”, I refuse his order and then he tells me its because “he doesn’t understand the code”. Well excuse me, thats the most vague answer ever, he didn’t even ask me for help understanding (if that was true). I refused his cancellation as I have done all work for him. So he sends me another cancellation request threatening me he will leave a very bad rating if I don’t cancel his request. Which I also refuse. Then he proceeds to give me the bad rating anyway.

I was contacting customer support the entire time and the whole response was that they can do nothing and that he didn’t break the ToS. For all I know the only thing he has still to do is to threaten to kill me if I don’t do his work for free. This is way too sad. Especially after I had to deal a few days ago with a customer who was very satisfied he left a tip, just for him to chargeback everything through payment method, and then cancel the chargeback so fiverr gave him the money as a fiverr balance. While I who did his work gets nothing. And THEN contacts me again for more work rubbing salt in wound. Fiverr response? Oh report him for spamming…

Probably nothing can help me here but sometimes you need to let off steam you know. Out of 25 orders I’ve ever had this is the first negative one and its just ****y to feel my work rewarded like that.


Remember, fiverr will only take buyers side even when they are wrong.
Fiverr has enough sellers so they will only focus on getting more buyers.

Threatening is clearly against TOS, so you can try taking a screenshot of that threatening message and send it to CS. It won’t help you to get your money back, but at least this buyer might get his/her account closed.


Did you send a screenshot of this to customer support?


As soon as they do a chargeback fiverr cancels their account.

How do you know that he cancelled the chargeback and got the money into his account?

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Why did you let it go and help him? You have to be very firm with these types.

You should have sent him a custom order explaining that since you didn’t create it you
need to be paid to work on it.

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Actually it not going to help! I had similar but more extreme situation with a client but fiverr team did nothing.

Just found out that buyer also a seller him/her self! Hopefully Karma will get him soon!

Hnmm. Life’s unfair… :cry::confused:

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Same thing happened to me twice

Bad review stays on my profile and I think will always.

Buyer was a seller and the just wanted free design and I declined.

As soon as the order was about to complete after back and forth modifications (with in minutes) which I always provide, buyer changed the attitude and just want a refund. or a bad review.

I choose a bad review.

Only mistake I did was sending the design in inbox as it did not had water mark. my bad and I paid (sometimes we learn the hard way)


Indeed. I showed the customer service and they did nothing

My buyer was also a seller. really disappointed with what people sometimes do for free work.

I stuck with bad review, but what can I do haha

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Well his account got un-canceled so thats proof enough I’d say.

And yea, I sent the screenshot, but they just told me he didn’t break the TOS and so the rating stays. heh.

we need to get over it,

we get every kind of customers.

some are very good and some are like that.

Different people think differently. All I am concerned about is that I should do good to others and karma should follow.

Yeah, there’s no such thing as seller protection. Wonder if that will change when sellers get sick of it and leave?

Yea, No point about it. Just ranting makes u feel a bit better though!

On other notes, The things like sellers leaving is very difficult because it needs everyone working together, which yea, Ain’t gonna happen that easily.

Brother take heart , move on and life goes on…dont worry you gonna be fine

Ohhhh yuck! That is a nasty situation for sure. That guy was looking for trouble from the moment he hired you. People like that just can’t be helped. Man i’m sorry about that. I hope you don’t run into a bozo like that again! :expressionless: