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Seller trying to get more money


Is it normal for a seller to advertise a custom logo, copyright of said logo and the vector file for 5 dollars to try and get another 15 dollars after you have paid for the offer? He is telling me that the 5 dollar offer is just for the basic package but it doesn’t say that on his page.


If you’ve bought a $5 package, you should get everything described on the gig for the $5 package.

If there are 3 packages listed and it’s the $20 package which includes everything you’ve asked for then it would be reasonable to pay a further $15.

Without seeing the gig page and descriptions etc. it’s difficult for any of us to give more of an opinion. :sunny:



Thank you for sharing, and being very careful about what you did and didn’t show. :wink:

If that’s the $5 package, then you should get all of that for $5.

If you’re being asked for more cash etc. or you won’t get what you thought you ordered, you’re free to cancel.

Might be worth dropping a line to CS as well.



Its better to send him same screen shot and say the seller that it is clearly described in your description what I will get in 5$. If he will not agree with your argument you can go for CS :slight_smile:


Exactly what I thought. I did think for a minute about paying the extra but it’s all there in black and white that I will get a great custom logo with the vector files for 5 bucks. If he wants more money for his work then that should be made clear before people part with their cash. It doesn’t look like I have paid for the basic package to me


Is it a response to a buyer request rather than a straight gig purchase?

Your seller should still stick to what they offered to do for the amount they said they’d do it for.

If it is a custom offer, and you’re not going to get what you want for the agreed price, you can just turn it down.


I searched for a custom logo design and looked at quite a few before I saw this one and thought wow great deal. I’m getting the vector file and everything so paid for it straight away. Then the rest happened.


I have deleted the images to hide the sellers name


I haven’t had a response since I sent that to him


Please could you delete the seller’s name from your screenshots? Thank you! :sunny:

Decline the $15 offer and see if they come up trumps with what you’ve been promised for $5, or you’re free to cancel of course.

Added - might be worth you doing a reverse image search for any gig images your seller has BTW - cough (cleaner logo) . :wink:


Exactly. If the seller doesn’t provide the promised source files then I would cancel. It’s your way out because you might not get an original logo.

Tip: A simple logo usually goes for $50 minimum and even then you have to do your homework because there aren’t many good ones out there at such a low price range. You get what you pay for :wink:


Ok thanks for your help.


I didn’t even have to search for my finished logo. It was nothing like what I had asked for and I have seen the picture before.


I think I can guess your next move… :frowning:


Does the seller have to accept the cancellation? I had an email from customer support saying that they could see the gig is still active and to check if they would accept


No they don’t.

I’d go back to CS with the logo etc. and ask them to cancel it for you TBH. Your seller is new to the platform, hasn’t had any reviews (that may be a hint for you in the future BTW :wink:) and is trying to pass off non-original work as theirs.


I should maybe have did a bit of research instead of going with the cheapest option. Sounded good at the time though.


Not to worry - we all live and learn.

Good luck with the next one. :sunny: