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Seller trying to get refund by putting false allegation after three months

I read it. im sorry, but if its out of fiverr’s control I don’t think theres anything you can do :cry:


yeah it seems that @brenna_n is correct nothing can be done now. But it can be taken as a lesson. What happened to you is unfair. I have an idea though it won’t apply to all gigs, it would only apply to gigs related to programming.

Suppose your gig like mine was related to programming(I sell bots) then I would have made the bot in such a way that if a buyers tries to act smart by taking the bot and after say 1 month or 5 months claim a refund(falsely accusing me that my work was not upto mark), I would have said okay no problem, In a snap I would have deactivated the bot from here and the buyer won’t be able to use the bot for free.

This is what I would have done if this incident had happened to me. Though not possible all the time, but sellers should have some upper hand in these type of cases.

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I’m sorry this happened to you OP. I assume that the hacking was the reason. While you are not to blame, fiverr has to give a refund in this case. It looks like you got caught in the middle but this is not the usual thing that happens.


you are right altleast seller should get a chance to explain before a decision is made :no_mouth:

Right I got stuck in between and loss is mine 100% what’s even worse is he is still using that website in free now.

Good news Fiverr returned my funds to my account. Thank you all :grin:

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