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Seller trying to stiff you?

I should start by saying that I don’t KNOW that my buyer is trying to get out of paying - I only know that I have a really bad feeling and they keep giving me hassle over a gig that I spent A LOT of time and effort on.

First, they rejected my delivery because they claimed the file was corrupted and the wrong type - even though I sent them back the same file type that they sent me. But, hey ho, stuff happens so I converted it and sent it again.

It was an editing gig so I sent three files: one with my comments, one that showed edits, and a clean version. Cover my bases, right? But I woke up today to find they’ve rejected it AGAIN because - supposedly - the file showing the clean version was the same as the file showing the edits.

So I checked and, nope, one is edited and one is clean. I can only think that either 1. they opened the edited file twice and didn’t think to try again or 2. they are deliberately trying to cause trouble and get out of paying. If it was a $5 gig, I wouldn’t be so bothered - but it was almost $100 and I worked my freaking butt off on it.

AND the gig is now showing as late, which it definitely wasn’t. I’ve only just gotten to level one and I don’t want to screw up my reputation over someone being a pain in the rear, you know?

Well, I’m freaking out a bit and kind of steaming a bit too. Any advice on getting this gig marked as complete as soon as possible so I can get the money I earned? Or am I just stuck riding it out?

I can’t tell you what is going on with the buyer so you are stuck riding it out.
Sorry this is happening to you! Hope you tell us what happened and if he ever accepted it.

Sorry this has happened to you!

As an alternative, you can take screenshots of the images and save them side-by-side and send it that as a png, jpg, gif (you know, every file type so if one doesn’t open, they have other options). This could be your “proof” of the differences.

I’m afraid that if you keep trying to resend the work, they may leave negative feedback for your work and that can affect your rating, however you can always respond in the feedback section with your defense stated here.

Best of luck!