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Seller unclear about pricing

So I ordered a gig for someone to write my about us page for my blog. It stated on the sellers page that it was $5. She did not meet the deadline for the job, but I gave her more time. She wrote to me saying her internet was down and I could have add another gig for free due to the inconvenience. I told her I didn’t need any other writing services. She then wrote back to me and said I needed to add more money for the service I wanted. I asked how much. She said $30. After that I requested a cancellation. Waiting to hear back. This seller seems very shady. It says on her page that she will write a 600 word about me for $5. Now she wants to change to $35! This is the 1st time I’ve had issues with a seller! It’s crazy and unprofessional!

It sounds like the seller has communication issues to me. If it is as you described, I would proceed with the cancellation if she cannot deliver for the price you paid. If the gig has run late enough, you can cancel and get an automatic refund.

In addition to what @fonthaunt said, I would also suggest that you report that seller for this. Sellers like this give the site and other sellers a bad name and need to be weeded out. If the basic gig says it will do 600 words for $5 but after ordering you were told $35 then they are completely wrong. If however, you asked for something in addition to the original request then they are entitled to ask for more.