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Seller Unresponsive, On Deadline

Unfortunate experience on Fiverr.
I put my gig up for auction and paid 52.50 to a seller for a project that I really wanted completed. It was an animated logo project. He assured me how great he was and that I have nothing to worry about.

M_y experience is this;_
_-The seller was extremely fast to respond and get the money for the project.
-The seller assured me repeatedly about how great he is and I have nothing to worry about
-I make the payment and he thanks me
-I send him all the detailed information (that was already visible) for the logo
-He goes unresponsive for 3-5 days
-I ask for a progress update on the project
-Does not respond
-I ask for a progress update and tell him I’m not satisfied with communication
-Apologizes for not responding, provides to progress update
-I still have not received a progress update or confirmation that I’ll even receive my project and I am out $50

Very disappointed, as this is a time sensitive thing.

After this entire process, he cancelled the order. This is such a joke.

I’m sorry you had this experience. Fiverr is a platform where people can market their services and, just like in real life, you get good and bad.

Carry out appropriate due diligence to make sure your seller is a good fit for you. I would give further advice except I see your account is gone so I will simply say that to get the best out of Fiverr, give yourself some lead time and a little budget to test sellers out before you need the time-sensitive, more costly gig.

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I see that but when you put the qualifications, repeatedly ask the seller and they say absolutely! Then go absolutely unresponsive that’s ridiculous.

It might be that you found a bad seller or it might be that you found a seller whose style doesn’t meet your needs.

Forget them telling you that they’re great; they need to show you. Not many sellers will tell you they’re rubbish.

The best way to find a seller is if you order a sample $5 gig and see how they do i.e. if communication is important to you, how did they communicate through the cheaper gig. You may have to do this with several sellers to find someone you can work happily with, but once you’ve found this person then you can use them again. It’s worth the initial investment of time and cash.

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Such people are on this platform on both side and we have to live with it, we can’t do anything except move on. once I had the similar situation where buyer gave me details and after putting the order, he went unresponsive and did not provide me the FTP or Cpanel so I could work on his site. I had to wait for 7 days and as the deadline was near I had to cancel the order and order was canceled after 3 days automatically and I got the negative impact of it.