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Seller Uploaded Videos on His Youtube Channel Before I Post Them to my Channel

I ordered a couple of gigs from a Seller to create 2D Whiteboard animation videos. The script, VO, and logo are mine. I paid for them. The seller delivered the videos and I must admit the quality is more than I expected.

Before uploading these videos (I have an uploading plan) to my Youtube Channel, I just made a search for my keyword on Youtube to look for the competition. I found a Whiteboard animation video with an exact match of my Keyword.

I played the video and to utter surprise, I found that it is my video which I ordered it through Fiverr.
I approached the Seller and he accepted that it is his channel and he posted them as a portfolio. I told him that how can he post my video (for which I paid) on his channel even before I posted it on my channel and without my permission. I told him that those videos are useless for me as I cannot use them due to duplicate content issues.

The seller promised to delete the videos but he didn’t delete them the last time I checked his channel. I approached Fiverr support to report the Seller but unfortunately, there is NO action from Fiverr. I’m planning to report the videos to Youtube for Copyright infringement but I’m not sure whether it will help me.

Please help me if anyone of you faced such a problem and how you approached it.

Thank you.


Fiverr support is running very slowly in terms of responding, so you may get an answer in time. I think you’re well within your rights to file a DMCA takedown notice on “his” videos in order to wipe the slate and get the SEO credit you’re due for posting them in your own channel. You’ve got an advantage there since YouTube is owned by Google, so hopefully the wheels of justice will turn a bit faster.

That was really ignorant of that seller and he should have known better - there were plenty of ways he could have presented it as part of his portfolio that wouldn’t have been indexed or publicly visible; he’s either lazy, stupid, or simply doesn’t care about his professional reputation beyond showing what he can do.

I’d advise you to take plenty of screenshots of your order here on Fiverr, including documentation that the script / logo was yours and given to the seller to use for your order, that the money was taken from you and not returned, and maybe a screenshot of Fiverr’s TOS that all publishing rights revert to you once money has changed hands. Google may or may not ask for it while they look into the DMCA (or you might attach it when you file, it’s been awhile and I forget), but better to have them handy than not.


Thank you very much. Appreciate your help. I will right away do as you suggested.

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You legit could do that. You could even sue them. Sellers transfer all copyrights to the buyer once the order is completed, unless stated otherwise by the seller (e.g. extra licenses). People would know that if they actually read the ToS.

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