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Seller Used My Order, Got 2 Stars, And Now Wants Refund [RESOLVED! I WON!]

I got two (okay 3) of my worst buyers EVER this past weekend, let’s start with Buyer No. 1, because at least that one resolved itself peacefully.

The screenshots above show an individual, who after 2 days of discussion, wanted me to do work for them first and THEN pay me. Upon further investigation, they had a level 2 seller account with multiple 5-star reviews, more than half of which were from the same user copying and pasting the same positive grammatically incorrect review.

I just refused to work with this person and moved on, now Buyer No. 2 is a human being that I wouldn’t wish my worst enemy to interact with.

I would provide screenshots for this person as well, but I’ve already opened a complaint with Customer Support, plus the screenshots are literally too many for me to blur out their names.

Basically Buyer No. 2 hired me to voice over a 194-word script for them immediately after I woke up and logged online. Their only request was that I do it quickly and I got the project done in 6 hours. I sent it over and carried on with my day. I didn’t hear back from them after that.

I woke up the next day to them demanding I cancel my order because they said, and I quote, “I need an American accent and this worse”, very confused I declined the request and asked the buyer to explain what they meant, they sent another cancellation but this time added “It’s because of my client, my client don’t like this”

They then demand I cancel the gig because their client doesn’t like my voice, I explain to them I’ve done all that they’ve asked but they wouldn’t listen and kept requesting a cancellation. Next, they told me about my reviews and if I don’t accept the cancellation they can, quote, “give me a review.”

I said I would not accept the cancellation because I’ve already done the work, and immediately went to CS after that. He’s continued to harass me, demanding I do an American accent, which is physically impossible mind you because neither am I American nor a voice actress, also I never specified I had an American accent in my gig, only that I HAD an accent, so potential buyers would be aware of that. I also have MULTIPLE gig samples, so I don’t know why he was accusing me of false advertising, saying I didn’t sound the same in my gig profile as I sounded in the order I sent him. I don’t know HOW that’s possible but okay.

It’s currently day 2 and he’s been blowing up my inbox and constantly requesting cancellations, throwing insults and making crazy accusations. I’ve stopped responding but keep declining the order being cancelled. I’ve been looking through the forums, help page and google search to find out what happens if a seller send a request to cancel an order because I do not want this spiteful man to cause any damage to my perfect ratings, I’m already on track to become a level 1 seller and any cancellation can tank that progress.

Fast forward to this morning and I wake up to him distressed and blowing up my inbox again, saying things like “It’s all your fault! Look at my profile!! I’m definitely cancelling the order”.

I go check his profile and it turns out his “client” gave him a 2-star rating and it ruined his own perfect 5-star rating profile (which also looks sketchy like Buyer No. 1 with multiple grammatically incorrect reviews from the same person) and now he wants a refund AFTER ACTUALLY USING MY ORDER AND GETTING PAID!!! (Funny enough he starts yelling at the buyer to change their review in his response, insisting he’s the best seller he could’ve gotten).

I ignore him again and went about my day, but just recently he used one of the 2 revisions my gig offers right before the gig acceptance window timer was up (I’m definitely removing those after this ordeal is done) and is now saying I MUST give him an American accent voice over recording, or he’ll report me to Customer Support for “forcing him to accept and incomplete gig”. Also demanding a bunch of other things my gig literally does not provide to make the revision next to impossible to do.

The worst part about all this is…the gig/order literally cost $5


If anyone was wondering about Buyer No. 3, it’s just a crazy guy who after demanding my $5 voice over gig, says I should complete it in 1-2 hours. Now I could easily do that but I say they should pay for extra fast delivery, they said no, my gig lists 24-hour delivery and they weren’t paying more than $5.

I told them fine, but the fastest I could do was 3-6 hours. He refused and began sounding hostile and said I should get it done in 2-3.

I was so tempted to tell him to stick it up his ass but I settled for~

"Please, give me 3 to 6 hours. My gig is already supposed to be 24 hours but I’m doing it for you in less than a quarter of that time. I’m also very busy with other work which was why I suggested the extra fast delivery option.

If you still don’t agree with what I’ve said then I’m sorry. I don’t want to start work for you and not finish in time."

He ghosts me and doesn’t respond. I shrug it off and go about my day.

He reaches out to me again later that night asking f I’m available for another gig…

I’m soon going to start making use of the block button on this website, I see…


Please tell me you reported Buyer #1 for demanding to receive the work before paying. I would also tell CS about all those copy paste reviews, in case they want to investigate it…

Edited to add: damn girl! I wish you better luck with buyers… you were awesome in all your replies. I think I would have lost it with buyer #1


Thank you, your words are so comforting :two_hearts:

Actually I did not (report Buyer #1) because Buyer #2 unfortunately took my immediate attention. I considered it but thought it was ultimately none of my business.

Thanks again, I thought I handled the situation poorly due to my little bluff about Fiverr being upset and banning my account if I accepted.

I’ll eventually report this user but for now, I’m dealing with the greater of 2 evils :sweat_smile:


I do exactly the same! It really works! :grin:


That’s great to know! :innocent:

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That’s the only comment I was going to make. I didn’t particularly liked that you’d give that as the reason not to start on the order until it has been paid, which you corrected on your very next message…so overall you handled all those buyers beautifully.

Also the first case didn’t solve itself peacefully. You did it by standing your ground.


This ^^^

Buyer #2 needs to be reported - getting paid and then refusing to pay you, followed by insisting on the accent when it wasn’t part of the original gig deserves at least a warning, if not a ban. Not to mention that copyright - yours! - was not transferred when he delivered the gig to his client …

The block button is your friend when all of this is over …


Thank you! Your kind words really mean a lot! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sneezing_face: :two_hearts:

Right??? It seems the work they gave my voice to is a commercial and I DID NOT give commercial or full broadcast rights to, so like…I can sue :sunglasses: :joy:

It suuuuuure is :pleading_face: :sweat_smile:


Go to customer service and report him,

Waaaaaay ahead of you :joy:

It’s just advised that I don’t block him till after the ordeal is done.


This is better than watching a movie. Please, keep us posted with what happened while we grab popcorn real quick :smile:


Glad to know my misery is providing some form of entertainment :sweat_smile: :joy:

But will do! I need to be able to derive some joy from this whole miserable event :laughing: :rofl:


It is really entertaining. Please share more of these bozos in the future.


Boy was this a storm to read! Props to you for dealing with all these folks as professionally as you have, I feel like I’d be ripping my hair out at this point. I hope it all goes well!


I would definitely report buyer #2 - he has used your work (seems he is a reseller here, buying $5 Gigs and probably upping the cost to resell them to other buyers). If he responded in his feedback to the buyer to give him good feedback, that is against the TOS and his account can be banned for that or at the very least, he will receive a warning.

Also, you did the work, he used it, he can pay. You have proof that he used it and if this Gig does not explicitly say you will do a voice over in an American accent, then, he cannot complain he didn’t get an American accent. He is trying to put his shortcomings on you, and, I would keep denying his cancellation, sending him custom offers if he wants things “fixed”, which you know he is not going to pay for if he is looking for new sellers who are only charging $5.

You should raise your price as well to deter this type of buyer. A reseller is not as likely to spend $20 or more on a Gig they are trying to resell at a higher price. That is why they look for the cheap Gigs. Also, when someone says they want their stuff extra fast, you charge for that! There is an option to charge for 1 day delivery if you are not already doing that. If someone says, “I need it in 2 hours”, and you are not able to do that, then you need to tell them you will get your project back within the 24 hours stated.

I think you did quite well with buyer #1 who was clearly trying to get something for nothing and scam you. Getting the product before they pay or order is NOT how it works here. I think the scammers pick on newbies or no level/level 1sellers thinking they are naive enough to fall for it. Same as the other scam they will do, where they claim they are looking for a “long term relationship” where they will keep buying from you or they will have large orders for you, but, YOU have to prove to THEM you are worthy of this “trust” - and deliver this one order for FREE as a sample. NOPE!!! LOL



I already plan to do that the moment I hit level 1 seller.

I would never try to win in your situation for $4. It’s just $4! I had $20 orders cancelled after I did the work, however, I wasn’t fighting for it, because I know that if I do, the buyer will leave a bad review.

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But I did the work, that’s what matters. I’m not even doing it for the money (it’s 5 bloody dollars), I’m doing it for the principle of the matter (as cliché as that sounds).

It seems that the $5 means a lot more to the buyer than anything else and I refused to let him get away with not only my work but the money. If Fiverr really is as fair as a lot of people make it sound, then this case is a closed deal once Customer Support gets involved.