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Seller Used My Order, Got 2 Stars, And Now Wants Refund [RESOLVED! I WON!]

I am so proud of you for leaving proper feedback on this fraud.

You could have added more content in feedback but even this is good because it will always be evidence of you not allowing to be pushed over.



@izah_moh I take back what I said about how I would probably not leave him a bad review out of pity. I thought he was a newbie who wasn’t quite aware of how Fiverr works. I just saw his profile… as a seller with so many reviews, what he did to you, another fellow seller, is specially disgusting. Good for you for leaving him a 1 star review!

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Thanks so much for the vote of confidence. Contrary to popular belief (or evident by this tread) I HATE confrontation and I’m just glad this whole ordeal is over :heart:

I was surprised by his uptick in sales as well. I could’ve sworn he only had a dozen or so 5-star reviews after my order but suddenly it jumped to 30+. Maybe I didn’t pay much attention to it.
Either way, I’m don’t with him and can move on with my life :heart: