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Seller using my images in their gig

So, the title says it all. Found a seller that uses my bottle wrapping image in his gig presentation. What should I do? Should I report him, or let him be? I suppose he might redirect the customer to me if he gets an order, but still he’s using my image!?

Report him. People who willingly break copyright laws should face the consequences of their choices. Just because a cool image can be found online, doesn’t mean someone can take it, and use it as their own – ESPECIALLY not in a retail environment such as Fiverr!

I’ve contacted him and he took it down. Thanks for the advice!

You might want to do a search every now and then, TRS’s gig images become easy targets.
I’ve lost count of how many times I notified fellow TRSs because of this.
I doubt those fake sellers will get sales, but still. I’d like Fiverr to be a clean site!

Happens often in both online and offline business world.