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Seller waited until the last minutes to cancel my gig!


So I placed a gig for a logo with a seller that has the highest number of rating in the logo design category. I told her she can take as much time as she needs, and I will extend the deadline if necessary. Just minutes ago she cancelled my order, right before the deadline. Without any explanations. I declined telling her she if she needs more time that is fine and she ends up cancelling again. I declined. On the third try she finally explained to me:

"I already said that I can’t make houses look like ballons from the start"

In our limited conversation she told me:

"Hi there. I can do a house…5 variations of houses but I’m not very sure it’s going to look like that"

Wtf. Why the hell did you wait until the last freaking minute to tell me you couldn’t do it? I waited 7 freaking days for you to cancelled on me? You never said you couldn’t do it. You said “but I’m not very sure it’s going to look like that”. If you knew you could do it from the start just tell me instead of wasting my time.

So fiverr, am I in the wrong here? I felt like I given her plenty of opportunity to cancelled on me. I offered to tipped her if she felt I underpay by buying the basic gig. Should I accept her cancellation? If I don’t can I leave her a negative feedback and warn other buyers?


And she just send me a bunch of png file saying she tried to create my logo. And I just look up the metadata and it tells me it was create 5 minutes ago.