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Seller wanted to charge more for askinga a question?

So I just heard about fiverr & thought it would be a great idea to utilize quite a few of the service to help my business. Being brand new I reached out to a seller & sent them a message stating what I would like done & if that was something they could do. They shot back an offer for $10 with a 1 word answer of “advertise”. I wasn’t sure if I was getting a gig plus an extra so I simply asked what the difference was between the $5 gig & $10 gig? Their answer was that there was not a difference, that they charge people more for asking questions. As someone who is completely new to this site I went from being very optimistic about all the possibilities to feeling ‘put off’ & feeling that it had a shady feel. Is it bad business of me to contact sellers first with a detailed description to see if they can even do it or which of their services they would recommend?

You will find a variety of opinions on this. A few sellers dislike being contacted via messages and many love it as long as it isn’t multiple simple questions or a lot of back and forth that takes them away from paying gigs. I strongly prefer buyers to contact me first just to make sure I understand their need and can fulfill it. I put in my gig descriptions that contact prior to ordering is encouraged. If they start sending me tons of messages, though, there comes a point when I will politely let them know I am not a good match for them.

Personally, I think that you should go with your gut. If I were you and had the experience you had, I would be concerned that the seller you are dealing with either has limited communication skills or isn’t being up front with you. I would move on to another seller, check their reviews, look to see how long it has been since their last delivery and read their gig descriptions. A seller could be a Level 2 but hasn’t delivered in months (and might not be around much) while another seller could be Level 1 and only have a few reviews but be good at communication and delivering actively.

If the seller says in their profile or gig that contact first is OK, then you could send your brief but detailed description on what you need and see what they say. If they don’t have any mention of contact, you could just send a note to ask if they are open to questions in advance. I do know that some sellers only offer a consultation for $5 and that might be worth it if they have hundreds to thousands of strong reviews and a feedback rating well over 90%. I might pay $5 for a consultation if I had several questions and was considering buying a complex gig over $50.

When I buy, I usually buy a $5 gig first even if it’s just to see a little sample of work. I definitely wouldn’t buy from someone who had little or no reviews and quoted me a high price from the beginning. However, all of this is based on my opinions as a buyer and a seller and some sellers would not agree with me. Sorry for the length but I hope that helps!

No, in fact you very much should contact sellers first before you order.

The one thing you have to realize is that Fiverr is just another freelancer site. None of the sellers actually work for Fiverr, they just use the Fiverr platform. So in some ways searching through Fiverr is like searching through the internet on your own and trying to find a freelancer. YOu have to research, look at all their samples, read all their reviews, then contact them to ask them for more info and see how they communicate and see if you get along with that person. Since you clearly do not get along with this person, try searching for another seller and write to them. You have to find a freelancer who you like their style both in what they do for the work you are buying but also how they communicate with you.

The other thing to realize is that people come from many different countries all over the world. That means that not everyone speaks good English and there are many language barriers. I think what that seller could also have meant is that it’s the same gig, but maybe some people need to do more discussion about it and give more instructions. When you do send a detailed email of what you need done, most gigs for $5 aren’t going to include everything, and they will give you a custom offer. But in any case just move on.

ONe last tip, since you are using this for business stuff, depending on what you are getting, make sure to read the gig fully and read all the gig extras to see if you need a commercial licnese. On Fiverr once you buy it and it is delivered you own the rights, unless a seller has opted to charge extra for it.

@jenessaburks, it makes sense that you feel put off. Regardless of what excuses that particular seller may have, they conducted themself unprofessionally.

I am one of the sellers who prefer to NOT receive pre-order communication, but when I do, I certainly answer politely and informatively.

Try not to be put off of the entire Fiverr platform, there are plenty of sellers who do offer quality services at good prices, you just have to be willing to put in the research time to find the gems.

I’d suggest you start narrowing things down by finding the sellers who have thorough and accurate descriptions of gigs that are very similar to, if not exactly, what you need. If they can’t communicate what they are offering and how much it will cost in their descriptions, they are less likely to communicate well if you go ‘off menu’.

In short, find almost exactly what you need, and then delve further if you need to. If a seller is unclear in what they offer, don’t waste more time, move on. Good luck.

I want to thank everyone here for the feedback given. I was able to get my confidence back & ended up sourcing a couple of gigs today. What everyone here is saying makes a lot of sense. I cant allow 1 bad apple ruin what could be a positive & lucrative experience for myself & others. The tips I received were very invaluably helpful, & I am very grateful for the time everyone took here to help educate me on this. I feel so much better about this platform & the people involved. =)

Reply to @jenessaburks: Glad to hear it. :slight_smile: