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Seller wants me to pay based on article views, how can I be sure I am paid fairly?

Hi, so I am new to fiverr. I reacted to a buyers request about writing articles, ideally one per day. I would be paid a few dollars for every 1000 views. How do I set up the payment? Do I send him an individual offer or he will just pay me somehow? How can i be sure he will give me a good rating? How can i be sure i will be paid fairly, can i ask him for analytics?

He showed me the website and has nearly hundred 5* reviews

Thanks everyone I am just very confused.


No. Just don’t do this. Likely, your articles won’t get any views. This isn’t a client you want to work with. If you want to get paid per views, set up your own website or start a Medium blog.


This is scam territory. Don’t do it. In fact, you could receive an account warning.

The premise of Fiverr is simple. You advertise a service (the seller). A client (the buyer) purchases your service by paying their money to Fiverr (where it’s held in trust). You deliver your service to the buyer. The buyer approves your delivery (or an order will autocomplete after 3 days if the buyer does nothing). You then get paid by Fiverr 14 days later.

Anything else is in dodgy / scam territory.

I wrote your account could receive a warning (several warnings will lead to suspension). This is because you would be providing work to the client without completing a formal delivery. Fiverr has no way of controlling / protecting your relationship with the buyer. Also, Fiverr wouldn’t receive their 20 percent commission. They won’t like that.

And will the buyer provide you with accurate website metrics?

This is wrong in every way. I would be tempted to report the prospective buyer to customer support. It sounds like he or she is preying on inexperienced sellers who will fall for their nonsense.

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You’re most likely not going to be paid at all. Do you know their website? Do they have much traffic? 1000 views aren’t a joke.

Also, they probably (don’t) want to pay you outside of Fiverr because how can they set up an order in this condition? So it’s against the ToS anyway.

I worked on a website like that when I was younger, but I had full access to the website so I could check the view count on my own. And still, I got paid nearly nothing and it was never worth the time I spent on the articles.

I would not accept this job if I were you.

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thank you, actually he has 88 5 star reviews so i am really not sure how to communicate this.

@cyaxrex makes very valid points.

Should you choose to work with this prospective buyer (really, I wouldn’t based on what you’ve written) - the problem you’re going to face is this:

In order for you to formally deliver work to a client, an order has to first be in place.

Without an order there is no contract. Without a contract you have no buyer protection (if anything, as I previously stated, you could receive an account warning or suspension), and you certainly will have no mechanic in place to allow for payment.

You can’t be paid without an order first being generated and you delivering an order.

For many reasons, the setup is wrong.

This is inherently unfair. Don’t do it.

No copywriting job works like this because you can’t be held accountable to factors out of your control.

This buyer is either extremely unreasonable and incompetent or they want to scam you. Don’t work this way. Don’t work with this person.

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Send him an offer, for the amount you would like to be paid in order to complete the work that he has requested from you - in this case, the writing of an article. How much would you like to be paid, to complete this work for him? Send him an offer for that amount. Don’t begin any work until he has accepted, and paid for, your offer.

See previous answer.

You can’t, nobody on Fiverr can be sure of this. You can increase the likelihood of this by completing work to the best of your ability, whilst delivering great customer service.

Send an offer for the amount that you are happy with, to write an article. Forget about the ‘paid per click’ model, as other’s have said, it’s not feasible here on Fiverr. If I asked you to write me an article right now, what would it cost me? If it requires two hours of your time, what’s 2 hours of your time worth? (for example).


As other have said, this guy sounds like a scammer, and you’re best off avoiding. But, if you want to try, you could go down the route of sending them a fair offer for the cost of completing the work for them, nothing more. If they accept and pay for your offer, you get paid a fair amount to write an article. If they decline (which it sounds like they will), then you know you’re dealing with a scammer who’s trying to get you with the old ‘you work now, I (might) pay you later’ trick, which unfortunately is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

You can’t be sure,this is not how Fiverr works…

Thanks everyone, he told me “Yes you can access the analytics for count views for your article, usually we can make payment every week but we calculate views separate articles, views should be over 1000 for each to get revenue. all payments made inside fiverr.”

I still don’t see how this should work so I’ll just make an offer for him