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Seller wants me to sign an NDA and cancelled the order. What is going on?

Hey there,

I have been working together with a 3D artist for weeks to design a product that can be later produced by an injection mold.

Everything went fine and he submitted nearly finished design. I asked for one more revision and the seller snapped. First he wanted me to cancle the order, agree to an NDA and said he will sell the design. I tried de-escalating the situation and then he started talking completely differently.

He started saying that he will gift the design to me and that this is my design. I told him that I will protect the design and I will not let him sell it. Now he is saying that I should not worry and the design is mine. But he still requested order cancellation whixh I declined. He just straight up refuses to work on it any longer.

This is so weird, what should I do? I think he is trying to sell the design to other people and wants to cancel the order so I would not have any claim to the design that was made according to my instructions.

Has anyone else had such an experience?

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That is a bit outside the ‘usual’ strange. I wonder if the seller is actually a team, and you’ve been talking with more than one person. The NDA makes no sense since it’s your design.

How many revisions came with the order? If you’re asking for more work than what was agreed on, then I can see why the seller became upset.


Sellers aren’t allowed to get buyers to sign things.

I would contact CS. They should know. But you can’t force a seller to fill and complete and keep an order.


What does the seller hope to achieve by having you sign for non disclosure? Sounds more like this is covered by copyrighting, and according to Fiverr: “…On the Fiverr platform, buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work, unless otherwise specified by the seller on their Gig page. … This means that if you purchase the Gig for personal use, you will own all rights to the delivered work without purchasing the Extra.” ( “Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights”)

If you completed the purchase, you own the design. Period.

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There could be something off with the revision you were requesting (too extensive, outside of what was included in the order’s scope, etc.). So the person felt like they were taken advantage of as soon as they saw the request and wanted out. While trying to reassure you that your information was safe while at the same time letting you know that they could sell the finished work if the order is canceled. Possibly in poor English.

In any case, it’s not normal. I’d tell them I was confused by this whole sign NDA/sell the work development and was going to contact CS for explanation, then see the seller’s reaction.


If you are asking for an extra revision which is outside the scope of what was agreed , offer them to charge you for the revision. This should help clarify the sellers intention and deescalate the situation.