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Seller wants money back after order closed


So I had an order and the client gave me barley any info on what to do. I contacted him back to give more info and said the exact same thing almost. I tried to cancel the order but he refused. So I make the video and he doesn’t like it and gives info that didn’t make any sense and it just didn’t contain much on what to do. I ask him again to re word what he wants and the client copy/pastesthe exact thing he said. So I deliver once again and after 3 days the order was automatically completed. 3 days later he says he doesn’t like the video and wants me to edit his own video he made for free. I say no, I am too busy in work. I also just didn’t want to work with him. So after that he replies with “ then give me a refund” doneobe please tell me what to do! Thanks


Hey, in the future, I would give him the initial delivery, and if he replied once again with the same information, tell him you’re unable to help based on the lack of instruction. This definitely doesn’t sound like the kind of person you want to work with, and if they haven’t already, they can leave you a 1 star review since the order has now been completed.

I’m not sure if you’re able to, but check the order page and see if you’re able to offer a cancellation at the bottom of the page. If you aren’t, tell him to contact customer service and that you’ll be more than happy to cooperate with the refund. My opinion of course, but the vast majority of the time, someone’s money isn’t worth the hit your profile will take from a bad review.


Do not work for free.


Well the order has been completed and I got my full money. I don’t think he can leave a review. Also, thanks for your response!


Buyer can review up to 30 days after acceptance or closing of order.


So you cancel again, and again, and again and…

You gotta be the tougher one. You don’t have to work for anyone you don’t want to, and should never do free work.