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Seller wants more.. I'm confused

So I messaged the seller before buying the gig and he told me my file was okay and he was willing to do the job. But then I paid for the gig and he said the job was too big for $5 and he needed more money first. I’m new to fiverr so I’m not sure if this is normal and if I should pay him… or if there’s someway I can get my money back and go to someone else.

You could do a “mutual cancellation” where-as the funds would be returned to you if you don’t feel the pricing is fair. However, a mutual cancellation brings the funds back to your Fiverr account, which means you will only be able to use those funds here. Just keep in mind that after everything, the average initial earnings a seller gets is $3.95. Rather low for most things.

It would depend on the gig, but keep in mind that $5 (like freelancemm said only $4 remains) is a very small reward, and buyers often underestimate the work that goes into things. If you are pleased by his/her work, an extra five bucks shouldn’t be a big deal.

Not everything can be done for a fiverr.

I also have experienced this. A seller advertises a job for $5, say “I will design any php website…” etc… So, when you buy the gig for $5 and submit your requirements… all of a sudden they want $100 for what you have already paid for. I understand that $5 is a small amount; although, you shouldn’t advertise falsely. If you advertise for $5 then you should be prepared to do it for $5. By posting for one price, and then demanding more after a purchase is false advertising. I can provide a few examples of sellers that I have had negative experiences with. Can someone please explain to me why they are allowed to advertise for $5 but then can change the price after the fact and demand more? Then, they want to cancel, leaving you stuck with $5 in your Fiverr account that you can’t ever get back.

Reply to @clbryan26: I don’t understand it either. While researching gigs in the category that one of my gigs fall into, I came across one whose price was 25USD. Apparently extra fast delivery was set by default; exploring their extras were shocks in themselves.