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Seller wants to cancel... What's up?

OK… I am new to Fiverr. I wanted to order an avatar drawing for myself and found a seller whose examples I liked. I decided to order one for my daughter too. Through the site I ordered two avatars and uploaded two pictures. I sent him an email through the system with the pictures to base the avatars on, paid with paypal at the same time, and received an order confirmation stating that I would receive the avatars in 7 days. Here is a copy of the Fiverr order confirmation showing that I ordered and paid for two:

Draw avatar of you from photo

Seller: mashiro787Order: #FO560B644898September 20, 2015


draw AVATAR of you from photo ×2 7 Days $10.00

Processing Fee (5%) $0.50

Total $10.50

Today, I checked my email to see if they were in my inbox and I had this message from the seller stating that the he wanted to cancel my order. It was dated today.


order 2 gigs must make a deal with me first, in chat disscussion"

Am I missing something here? If his site allows me to select how many avatars I want and I pay for them. What is that I need to chat with him about? I accepted the cancellation and I replied to his message just now asking what the problem was.

Since I am new at this, there is a chance I am misunderstanding something, but it seems to me that trying to cancel a day before it is due and claiming I have to “make a deal” with him in chat seems like he just didn’t do it and wants to back out of the deal before he misses the deadline.

Any thought? Am I missing something?


I see this seller has 2 different prices; $5 for head to shoulder and $10 for half body. Since you ordered 2 avatars, perhaps he wanted to discuss this with you and decide on an appropriate price. That’s just my guess.

Thanks for the response. I believe the order options allowed me to select head and shoulders or half body. Can’t remember for sure, though. I just ordered the standard ones. I’ll have to go look at the order site again but I am pretty sure it was clear that they were just the standard head and shoulders. Thanks again!

He didn’t provide the service he offered. All you can do is accept the cancellation and try again, hopefully with a better seller.

edit: after looking at this seller’s gig descriptions it looks like he wants people to chat with him about his price first so maybe he wanted to charge more, although he has to offer something in his gig for $5 so he might be outside of fiverr’s rules.

It may be possible that he does not have time to do them both. It is not a good thing, but it happens. Some sellers get upset when people order gigs at the same time because that means they have to do both in 7 days.

aLso, some sellers write on their gigs to contact them first…did this seller do that? And did you write to him first?

These are the gigs I can’t stand, the ones where you have to negotiate the price in private. Take your money back and move on to a more reputable seller.

just try to resolve the issue with the buyer. If that’s not possible at all then you might want to cancel the order per your buyer’s request.

Use your own judgement sometimes. See if the buyer is willing to cooperate. Try to please the buyer as best as you can.


In his order details he ask this:

“1. Send me a message
2. Send me the photo (Good quality)
3. We disscused about that price
4. Place the order (ORDER NOW button)
5. receive drawing, complete the order and give review.
(Regular drawing size 1500 x 1500 pixel, 300 dpi.)”

Those was his terms…

The base price is 5$ but sometimes for a service you need to pay more. I usually want to talk with the buyer about what he wants to do so i can give him a fair quote. I can not work 10 hours for 5$. On programming most of cases you need to talk with a buyer before they order.

yes, you are misunderstanding something, which is that you have to fully read the Sellers gig description. Some sellers ask you to contact them first, and send the photos. You did not do that. Sometimes a seller may want to make sure that the photos are good enough quality and that they are just a close-up photo of the face with enough details.

Since you did not contact the Seller based on their insutructions then they may choose to cancel.

Generally speaking, sellers should commit to what the gig is about. If discussing the service is needed, it should be done at the early stage of processing the order and not at the day before delivery :slight_smile:

To avoid any confusion, offers should be straight and specific about what you get and how much you pay for it.

But, and this applies to any service request from any sellers around her on fiverr, try to contact the person first :slight_smile: And discuss a bit what you need to do, if the seller is available or not, and how log it will take to get it delivered.

That way, you’re sure of what to expect :slight_smile:

Thanks all! I appreciate the advice and hope to be able to do more business with the sellers here. Seems like a great concept.

Reply to @ekimreeps: It could be too that the seller is having difficulty understanding the order. Many sellers do not write well in English and have some communication difficulties. When ordering from a seller you haven’t tried before, I would stick to one $5 order to make sure that all goes well.

I find it helpful to message sellers before I order and ask a simple question or two, not to take up too much of their time, but to make sure we do communicate well. If we don’t, I move on to another seller.

Reply to @briandude: That’s weird, I typed “take your mo ney” and it turned into fragglesrock.

Reply to @briandude: because some words you are not supposed to use…Fiverr will automatically change them.

Reply to @dexblog: Thank you. I did send him a message, and uploaded the photos. The price was set on his site with drop down boxes to select the number I want and it calculated the price. I selected his standard offer with no special requests. I did not hear from him at all until the day before the drawings were due when I got the message I pasted above. I guess I will just chalk it up to a misunderstanding somewhere along the line. :o) I appreciate everyone’s feedback!