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Seller wants to pay me off for leaving not-so-positive feedback

On one of the gigs I ordered, the quality of the work provided was poor although he technically completed the work (but only after I had to message him). He also didn’t ‘deliver’ when he hit the deliver button in order to make it look like he delivered his express gig on time.

I left positive feedback but I explained in it why I didn’t like the quality of service so that other buyers know what they’re in for, and he’s just sent me a message asking me to remove my feedback and he will refund me!

I’m not that bothered about the money (it’s only $5) but I don’t see why I should be asked to remove my honest feedback because he wants to disguise the fact that he’s offering a poor quality service? Is this how things work on Fiverr - people aren’t allowed to leave honest feedback without sellers demanding buyers to remove it?

BTW - I used to do some gigs on Fiverr until about a year ago, and this week I became a buyer, so I know the importance of delivering gigs on time and whatever, but I’m tempted to turn my thumbs up into a thumbs down for this guy.

Everything here is borderline, so I can only provide my advice.

First of all, you are the buyer and you decide if delivered job is compliant to your request or not; just remember that Fiverr ToS stated that an order cannot be refused for personal taste: basicly if you ask for a red car and you receive a red car, even if you don’t like it, technically the order was compliant to your requests so a refund or a negative feedback should not be allowed.

That doesn’t mean that buyer shouldn’t leave an honest feedback; you did what many buyers usually don’t: leave a thumb up ('cause the order has been delivered accordingly to your specs) but writing about poor result… many others would have left a negative.

I don’t see anything wrong in your behaviour; I’m just wondering if (I’m talking with you, not pointing finger, this should be clear):

  • your specs were detailed or not

  • seller delivered what you asked or not

  • seller is able to amend the order so to completely fullfill you and turn the feedback into a positive one

Here I just see one side of the medal, so I don't know what's behind; according to what you wrote here, I think you did the right thing (because seller delivered late) but I'm still wondering if you and seller cannot talk to fix everything (so you have the amended job and he has a positive feedback): remember that communication is the key for a successful order :)

Without going into the specifics of the gig publicly, let’s say that the seller offered to do two things.

One of them wasn’t 100% completed when he delivered the gig, I had to message him afterwards and he completed that item as per his gig details.

The second thing wasn’t totally as described. To use your car example, let’s say that he offered to sell me a red sports car but in reality he delivered a blue SUV. It was still a car that I got, but not what I paid for.

Also his gig was a 24 hour express one, and he ‘delivered’ the gig even though he didn’t actually complete it.

I know that some buyers moan about stuff because it’s not to their taste (I was a seller once, I know how it goes), on this occasion the quality of service was poor because of two factual, specific items that he failed to deliver one (albeit he addressed the first one after my prompting him).

Because of the nature of the gig, he cannot physically resolve my second gripe which is why I left the feedback that I did - because when it comes down to it, he did not deliver exactly what he said he would in the gig.

To be honest, I felt like I have done him a favour not leaving him a thumbs down because the entire gig wasn’t a complete failure, I’m just more annoyed because I feel a bit misled by his gig description.

Anyway, that’s my rant done.