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Seller wants to refund gig


I’m not quite sure what to do… I had someone build a website for me and it’s almost finished. However, there have been many revisions due to graphic errors and typos on the sellers end. The online version (proof) has lots of issues and it’s completely out of whack.

I had a feeling she was not happy about the time it was taking her and sure enough, this morning I got a message she was not able to work on it anymore until the end of May and sent me a refund. I declined as I want a finished website (I paid 57 dollars for it) and said I was happy to wait for her to return. She then send the gig as ‘delivered’ which I also declined as I don’t want to accept the not yet finished website as finished. I would like to keep the order open. She says this will mark it as ‘delivered late’ which affects her ranking. Of course I don’t want to cause her problems, however, I also do not want to be stuck with a site that is almost done.

Can someone please advice what to do? I have a feeling that when I accept the refund or accept it as delivered, I will not hear from her again. Which leaves me stuck with the website. I already bought webspace, hosting, etc. so it will cost me money on top of it.

Thank you in advance for the advice!

I guess I’d advise you to take the refund and hire someone else to fix it. You’re not happy with her work and she’s not available right now, so hiring someone else seems sensible, and the refund would give you some funds to hire with.

It doesn’t sound like you’re unhappy on a personal level, so missing the chance to leave her a bad review might not be important here. Assuming that’s the case, is there a reason not to cancel/refund?

I was also going to say take the refund. If the seller doesn’t want to do it and you make them do it under duress, it’s hardly likely to improve. You can always put up a landing page with “coming soon” and some blurb in the meantime. $57 seems a little low for a complete website, as well, and indicates a new seller out of their depth.

All in all, take the refund.

Why force someone who cannot do something into trying to do it for you even though they have tried to stop and give you a refund? Aside from being mean it also indicates you will not get a decent website. Have common sense and take the refund.

I would suggest taking the refund and hiring someone that can finish the job. It would probably work best that way since the previous seller made so many errors anyways.