SELLER WARNING: Buyer cancellations DO effect your Level Stats (regardless of reason)


|| Personal backstory: You can skip but explains why my orders are slow right now ||

I just came back to Fiverr with the removal of Video Reviews and a New System and going through not one, but two Hurricanes that involved flooding to my home two weeks from either other. Living in a place that is not a flood zone, like most my neighbors (some who have lived here 40+ years) I have flood insurance.

I’m still in the process of working with FEMA to aid in repairs mold and water damage. I came back to Fiverr as soon as I did because, without Fiverr, I have no income. I’d received all the assistance I can form all the companies I work with, since the nearly $2,000 I had charge on my credit card for wood to board my windows, which was scarce and over-priced, ice, gas, and food (btw, I was out of power for two weeks) needed to be paid back.


Needless to say, these last two weeks back on Fiverr has been a massive slap in the face by the company. Over my “vacation” period while I was deep in repairing what is left of the walls of my home from the flood damage, a Buyer I had never spoken to before, prompted cancellation on an order they never responded to that was nearly 2-years-old and canceled it because, clearly, they no longer needed it.

I didn’t notice till I got back on Fiverr that (hey, new level system) that this dropped my cancellation ratio down to 69% with Fiverr’s new Level System instantly.

Cut to this Fiverr-work week and new Buyer (who I never spoke to prior) placed an order asking for a service I do not advertise and clearly state in the Gig details what the Gig is NOT for. They literally put in the response to providing information that I required to provide the service offered for the Gig purchased: “not needed for this order”.

I prompted the offer that if they wanted Commercial Rights to an image of myself as a model (the closest thing to what they were initially asking) they would need to purchase the Gig extra. They declined the offer for the Commerical Rights and asked to cancel. So guess what, my ratio is about to take another hit.

I contacted CS right after they prompted cancellation and the initial response where I reference the negative effect on my Levels should I accept this cancellation, the CS agent replies talking about Rankings (something I did not mention in my initial ticket).

Then during my response, I get in another Order, it’s again, from a new Buyer, who never contacted me prior, just placed an order in my Spokesperson Gig with a VIDEO REVIEW SCRIPT. Now what choice do I have?! Cancel another order and be even more affected by a Buyer’s own negligence, or complete this order with the provided script and/or potentially violate Fiverr’s policy on video reviews.

Statistically, (this is being generous with order count as orders are slow) I’d need to get in 50 orders by Jan and somehow to manage to only get 2 more cancellations just to skirt the 90% ratio to keep myself at a Level 2. Again, NO MATTER IF YOU CANCEL OR A BUYER CANCELS YOUR CANCELLATION RATIO IS AFFECTS YOUR LEVEL EVALUATION. The CS agent even acknowledged this!

So… simply because a Buyer doesn’t read the Gig description or watch your Gig prior to ordering, then asks for a service that you don’t offer––then has to cancel a result, IT WILL HURT YOUR CANCELLATION RATIO AND CAN/WILL BE DEMOTED AS A RESULT OF THE BUYER’S OWN NEGLIGENCE. How is this fair and okay?

The CS agent tried to reassure me that evaluations aren’t until Jan. so “I have time” but statistically IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. I will be demoted because of Buyer’s negligence. Fiverr’s Success Manager and CS agents themselves and all personally said, “We cannot force a Buyer to read the Gig description prior to ordering.” This is common sense, so why does a Seller have to take that hit when they don’t read what is advertised and have to cancel the order as a result?

Orders have been incredibly slow thanks to the new cancellations/ranking system pre-Hurricanes, then you add in how the system lists your Gig post-vacation mode, my Gigs simply aren’t getting the impressions they used to 2+ years ago with all the changes to the system and cancellation began impacting where your Gigs were ranked on a page (no matter who cancelled).


This is my personal biggest grievance with the new system. Vacation mode might as well now be called ‘let’s start all over again mode’ and CS clearly isn’t going to do anything about buyer instigated/catch 22 cancelations.

I have had 3 people who have ordered and not submitted any order requirements in the past week alone. One finally disputed the order yesterday and requested cancellation on the grounds that they don’t need the video they ordered, they need 6 pages of written content. I declined the cancellation, stating that I do offer written content and the price paid would cover 4 articles. The thing is, I can already see via the link to the buyers website which they have provided me with, that they have gone with a $5, can’t spell their own name correctly writer, who has supplied them with a ton if insensible gibberish.

2018 is basically going to be 1984 on Fiverr for sellers and this is precisely why I don’t plan on launching new services which I have in the pipeline here.

I’m very sorry for your troubles, This is very unfair and you are right, both you and many other sellers are going to find it statistically impossible to recover after a demotion come January. Good luck anyway though.


I completely understand and respect the aspect of “Vacation mode” when it comes to taking long-term breaks.

In my situation I had no choice, at one point I was literally emailing CS freaking out as water was rising into my home asking to cancel water orders I had, then setting my Gigs to vacation mode to prevent orders.

Losing rankings (starting back from the bottom) is better than nothing when it comes to having to take a much of a Fiverr break as I had to. I didn’t have power for two weeks, and I didn’t have internet for an entire month––none of my city did.

It’s the fact that no matter what reason a Buyer wishes to cancel an order (especially if they order wrong, order by mistake, ask for something that’s not offered, is a violation, etc. etc.) a Seller takes the hit to their account, their Fiverr business, sales, income, etc.

This is not how real-work business works or is run. It’s unfair to Sellers and the community. I have no way of stopping an order from coming in. I don’t have magical powers to know who (what user new or old) is going to place an order––so that I could contact them before they even do so to telling them “Hey, I’m coming from the future, you’re going to place an order with me and it’s going to be wrong. Don’t even plan on it for the sake of my cancellation ratios.”

It’s not logical, fair and it’s literal nonsense. I’m extremely disappointed that the leaded Gig Economy website has this sort of system in place. Just make it so Buyer’s cancellation doesn’t effect Sellers and their Level Ratio Evaluation. It’s what’s right and fair.

The fact that even CS admits that we can’t force buyers to read the Gig details and that the fact mistaken orders aren’t fair that they effects a Sellers Cancellation Ratio is exactly why they need to fix the system.

I’m fine with cancellations effecting Sellers if Sellers are the one whom initial ate. I’m fine with potential warnings if Sellers ask Buyers to prompt cancellation in an effort to manipulate the ratios in their favors, but cancellations simply due to a Buyer’s OWN PERSONAL DECISIONS, AND NEGLIGENCE is not okay.

Liability for one’s own actions should be on the sole individual responsible, not unknolweding unwitting party. Period.

Imagine is this was a legal/criminal case, what sense would this reasoning make as defense of the system––it wouldn’t because it’s complete nonsense.

Edit to add additional comments:

Yeah, it’s sad. I lost my TRS of nearly 3 years due to my cancellation ratio. It never matters or mattered who canceled. It affected me regardless if the Buyers ordered by mistake, didn’t read the Gig details, no longer wanted the order, etc. With no way to “force Buyers to read the Gig details” before ordering, there wasn’t much that can be done to prevent cancellations when it comes to Buyers asking for something that a Gig actually doesn’t offer. The Success Manager and I tried to tweak my Gigs to at least cut them down, but still, without a feature in place to accept/deny orders it will not matter what the Order Requirements or Gig details states

I don’t know if I’ll stay on here much longer to be honest if this is the system they’re going to have set up in place that is clearly unfair to Sellers. I’m not asking you “hurt Buyers” for having to cancel, but having a Buyer’s cancellation effect Seller’s cancellation ratios and that ratio being a factor in the promotion and demotion every 60-days is not okay. I want to work and support a brand that is fair to their Sellers that makes them the money to begin with.