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Seller was able to cancel 3 BIG orders after we fully delivered and they confirmed the work and reviewed us kindly

This Bug cost me over $1300 this just happen now. I did report it the only way we see possible and have to pray this will be justified. I have costs for doing the gig in monetary value. Paid out to my staff of freelancers. The wages got paid out of pocket too. Paid out at time of completion of the 4 of gigs. Now a full day later buyer somehow was able to cancel 3 of 4 total orders they made. Resulting in them getting my work and Automatically refunded it seems. The gigs were all delivered completed and marked completed by buyer and also reviewed by buyer. i read the nice reviews now this?? Is this is a scam or bug they take advantage of i guess? How can i get fast help about this bug/scam/error? This is bad for hard working sellers so so sad this could happen! What to do? fiverr please help!


I highly doubt that this is any sort of bug. Instead, this sounds like a Paypal chargeback – which has nothing to do with Fiverr. Your buyer likely purchased large ticket services, accepted delivery, left reviews, and then forced PayPal to cancel his payments, refund his purchases, thereby cancelling his completed orders on Fiverr. Without any valid funding, orders are cancelled.

Please do not blame Fiverr for things that are not Fiverr’s fault.

It sounds a bit like your buyer scammed you for free services. Contact Fiverr directly, and they might be able to shed more light on what actually happened.


Create a ticket and inquire about the same from CS.

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I looked at your profile page. There is one buyer there who left you 4 recent reviews in a row. If that is the buyer that got your work for free, I checked and they no longer have a Fiverr account. Therefore, I agree with @jonbaas and this was more than likely a PayPal chargeback.

Because of such chargebacks, I seldom take orders over $100 because I do not want to lose more than that.


So we should all not sell on fiverr if they can not protect us . I’m sharing these responses if you guys don’t mind to our website with 3400 members about selling online

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the buyer had 4 and now all are canceled not just 3 of them. and the 4th was just canceled by CS with now notice of why. helped me lose more money now after this was all posted. and these post are attracting scammers to my gigs now. today i just had gig delivered and one of the buyer wants to refund and i delivered already and got review, cant help but think they read this… wow im off of fiverr when all my funds clear from orders. now the wait.

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@vickiespencer, like everybody on the forum, doesn’t work for Fiverr.

You need to speak to CS - @rahulgraphics gave you the link.

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Because everyone here is a buyer or a seller and we do not have the power to help you. :anguished:

I spoke to PayPal about this issue and they blamed it on the credit card companies saying that if a buyer does a credit card chargeback PayPal has no power to do anything about the chargeback. :unamused:

The Forum is listed as support on the phone app, however, the only support we can give is advice we have learned through our experiences on Fiverr. :roll_eyes:


you can contact the CS and prove that you have completed the task. (you should supply the delivery to CS also, to prove that the task is fully completed)

if they confirm this is not your fault, they will definitely help you. I also have got half payment for an order that the buyer cancelled. (CS paid back to me because I was able to prove that the buyer is using my development)

Hope they will help you also.

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Thanks for this info from all I was speaking to fiverr in all responses hoping they read this some thim. No offense to all and thank you for the advice.
I did provide all the Information for the 3 orders to CS and reported all 3 gigs. Customer service can also see I delivered and the good feedback they left and the time of the orders and all the info . But they said nothing they can do since the buyer account is closed now?. (I assume FIVERR closed it) they are not helping me. This is sad and I don’t know why I’m hearing they helped other this happen too. I sold for years maybe 200 gigs and referred many sellers over the years. If they know a buyer can do this to us and they see they have a digital items I sent to them already why GIVE THE OK for the refunds?? I did it on the fiverr platform and they gave the refund to the buyer with no mention to me resulting in loss. they should by law return my money. I’m floored. I will post fiverrs response for all to witness now.

Thank you I’m posting the single response customer service gave me for three separate inquiries on the three separate gigs they refunded to the buyer after I delivered .

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This is the single response I received from customer service please note that I made three reports one for each order they responded as if it was one gig I had an issue with:

Violet (Fiverr Customer Support)

Mar 30, 2:59 AM EDT

Hi James,

My name is Violet and I will assist you today.

I checked the order for you and I can tell you that your buyer is no longer a member of our community, after their account has been reviewed with our Trust & Safety team. Therefore the order is canceled.

I’m truly sorry for this experience, but that was the procedure, and I’m afraid there is nothing I can do for you.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Kind regards,

“I’m sorry for For your trouble but that was the procedure”

what is that soposed to mean. And thats not explaining what happens or why I can not be helped in recovering my money. Anyone agree this is wrong? I never had this issue selling on the desktop version but this time I’m using the app to deliver the orders and this happened . Also like to mention the app said the orders were on the 30th but I have proof they were Made and delivered on the 28th before midnight my time in California. This is a bug in the app I guess also.

I understand thank you ! Be carful if this can happen selling any digital item is NOT SAFE on fiverr. If I don’t get help this is what I’m broadcasting. I have a channel to reach 350,000 sellers of eBay Amazon and some of them I’m sure are fiverr sellers! I’m going to let people know about this I have three different Twitter accounts with over 18000 followers on the biggest one this will be seen. I’m just hoping they can justify what happened

My penny, while you do that be sure to have withdrawn all your revenue from Fiverr. This is incase you didn’t find the link to your account again. Lol:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I had the same experience many times. Here is my last post about this Order canceled after two months
The standard procedure on fiverr is blocking the buyer’s account after chargeback.
Also my “Order completion rate” went down after buyer’s chargeback. Is your rate also went down?
This situation is sad and not fair but fiverr can’t do anything with Paypal chargeback.

Hello, Yes this just confirms that ffiverr won’t protected sellers of this is happened to others and after two months wow I’m sorry to hear that! now that’s scary when you’re selling a digital they must respect that item the second you hit the send button it is gone from your Possession to the buyer! when something is delivered marked completed and reviewed fiverr should release the funds to the seller just like any other marketplace. eBay does this for us. Who not do this? Just fiverr. no one else does this they also hold funds for 10 days to get intrest or play with your money. With 10 days time you can flip a lot our money fiverr. And yes now I have a messed up order completion rate of less than 50% because of these exact orders and they have not fixed anything for me now my selling account is ruined and I lost all my money and my intellectual property digital items! Now they will use my development and my work keep my money in Fiverr help them do it

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I have no funds on Fiverr I keep none on there I have other orders that are open and now I am just afraid for my life they’re going to cancel as well why not if everybody knows that you can do this to a seller they’re going to screw us one after another get ready I probably shouldn’t of posted this for people to read but this Hass to be known . My account was never blocked only the buyers account but if that is the reason for not being able to recover the money as far as the email they replied to me I posted it read for yourself that’s what it seems to me

I have had an experience where a buyer cancelled an order close to two months after it was marked as completed and Fiverr marked it as red for me because there was no money there, but as soon money cleared into the account they took it. I just didn’t mind them, I moved on. You too can move on. Even in real life, we all have ups and downs in business.

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We don’t know what you wrote to CS but you might ask them to escalate the matter and ask them if that was a chargeback from a buyer (which seems so). And if so ask them to review your delivery and try to return your money as you delivered everything as promised in your gig and according to gig requirements. It might take time but if the do escalate it and send it to relevant department they might be able to get back your money.