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Seller was able to cancel 3 BIG orders after we fully delivered and they confirmed the work and reviewed us kindly


Thank you I’m posting the single response customer service gave me for three separate inquiries on the three separate gigs they refunded to the buyer after I delivered .

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This is the single response I received from customer service please note that I made three reports one for each order they responded as if it was one gig I had an issue with:

Violet (Fiverr Customer Support)

Mar 30, 2:59 AM EDT

Hi James,

My name is Violet and I will assist you today.

I checked the order for you and I can tell you that your buyer is no longer a member of our community, after their account has been reviewed with our Trust & Safety team. Therefore the order is canceled.

I’m truly sorry for this experience, but that was the procedure, and I’m afraid there is nothing I can do for you.

Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Kind regards,


“I’m sorry for For your trouble but that was the procedure”

what is that soposed to mean. And thats not explaining what happens or why I can not be helped in recovering my money. Anyone agree this is wrong? I never had this issue selling on the desktop version but this time I’m using the app to deliver the orders and this happened . Also like to mention the app said the orders were on the 30th but I have proof they were Made and delivered on the 28th before midnight my time in California. This is a bug in the app I guess also.


I understand thank you ! Be carful if this can happen selling any digital item is NOT SAFE on fiverr. If I don’t get help this is what I’m broadcasting. I have a channel to reach 350,000 sellers of eBay Amazon and some of them I’m sure are fiverr sellers! I’m going to let people know about this I have three different Twitter accounts with over 18000 followers on the biggest one this will be seen. I’m just hoping they can justify what happened


My penny, while you do that be sure to have withdrawn all your revenue from Fiverr. This is incase you didn’t find the link to your account again. Lol:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I had the same experience many times. Here is my last post about this Order canceled after two months
The standard procedure on fiverr is blocking the buyer’s account after chargeback.
Also my “Order completion rate” went down after buyer’s chargeback. Is your rate also went down?
This situation is sad and not fair but fiverr can’t do anything with Paypal chargeback.


Hello, Yes this just confirms that ffiverr won’t protected sellers of this is happened to others and after two months wow I’m sorry to hear that! now that’s scary when you’re selling a digital they must respect that item the second you hit the send button it is gone from your Possession to the buyer! when something is delivered marked completed and reviewed fiverr should release the funds to the seller just like any other marketplace. eBay does this for us. Who not do this? Just fiverr. no one else does this they also hold funds for 10 days to get intrest or play with your money. With 10 days time you can flip a lot our money fiverr. And yes now I have a messed up order completion rate of less than 50% because of these exact orders and they have not fixed anything for me now my selling account is ruined and I lost all my money and my intellectual property digital items! Now they will use my development and my work keep my money in Fiverr help them do it

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I have no funds on Fiverr I keep none on there I have other orders that are open and now I am just afraid for my life they’re going to cancel as well why not if everybody knows that you can do this to a seller they’re going to screw us one after another get ready I probably shouldn’t of posted this for people to read but this Hass to be known . My account was never blocked only the buyers account but if that is the reason for not being able to recover the money as far as the email they replied to me I posted it read for yourself that’s what it seems to me


I have had an experience where a buyer cancelled an order close to two months after it was marked as completed and Fiverr marked it as red for me because there was no money there, but as soon money cleared into the account they took it. I just didn’t mind them, I moved on. You too can move on. Even in real life, we all have ups and downs in business.

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We don’t know what you wrote to CS but you might ask them to escalate the matter and ask them if that was a chargeback from a buyer (which seems so). And if so ask them to review your delivery and try to return your money as you delivered everything as promised in your gig and according to gig requirements. It might take time but if the do escalate it and send it to relevant department they might be able to get back your money.


:arrow_up: This. Paypal describes a chargeback as follows:,-and-why-did-i-get-one-faq2036

“A chargeback isn’t the same as a PayPal claim. The chargeback process is initiated outside of PayPal, between the card issuer and their cardholder. In a dispute over a chargeback, the decision is ultimately made by the card issuer and we don’t decide the outcome.”

About the seller protection:

“If you received an unauthorized payment or a buyer claims he never received his item, our Seller Protection can help you get the full amount of an eligible payment, subject of the Claim, Chargeback, or Reversal and waive the Chargeback Fee, if applicable. As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, you may be protected.”

Our Seller Protection program does not cover:

  • Digital goods and licences for digital content.
  • Donations.

Where “Donations”, in Fiverr terms, corresponds to “tips”.

Now a question:

  • Fiverr is a platform meant for selling digital goods.
  • Paypal does not protect digital goods from a chargeback.
  • Fiverr provides Paypal as a payment method. Why?

Maybe it’s one of the simplest payment methods for them to use. Though they could add credit/debit cards as payment (thought that won’t stop chargebacks but Fiverr would then be able to dispute it).

What they could do is:

A) Always refund the seller at least partially if possible (eg. even 50% of 75% would be better than no refund).

B) Make it so buyers who they hadn’t done enough verification of ID on have to purchase in lower value increments to start off with to reduce the risk. eg. don’t allow a new seller to start buying with 3x $433 orders (totalling $1300) very close together in time if paying via PayPal. eg. They could have to start off with orders <=$50.


Buyers are not going to have their ID verified to be able to buy something - they’ll go elsewhere, particularly if they’re spending large amounts of money.

In all of this discussion about chargebacks, it needs to be remembered that as far as Paypal is concerned, Fiverr as a whole is the seller, not the individual seller on Fiverr. So Fiverr has to stick within PaPal’s rules or lose the ability to use PayPal at all.


So in the case of B, those buyers just need to start off buying smaller value orders with Fiverr incrementing the allowed value over time. I think that should reduce the risk. The more time and the more orders may make it less likely the card company would allow a chargeback. So either verify ID sufficiently or limit order value for a time (maybe the buyer could decide which they wanted to do of these if they wanted to pay through PayPal), that way they can still order.

They could also add a credit/debit card payment option, and that might be best for high value orders.

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If you were wanting to buy something online, would you not find this just a teensy bit insulting and go elsewhere? I know I would.

Fiverr, like any other business, wants buyers to spend money easily, not put them off.


I also said Fiverr could add a credit/debit card option they could use.

For the PayPal option I’d recognise that it was probably a necessary step to help prevent fraud. Starting with a $50 order value limit (maybe increasing to $70 within around a week - if they had made an order, then again later) would be an easy way to help ensure minimal losses if they didn’t want further ID verification.

edit: If the $50 initial limit is too low, Fiverr can pick a higher limit. But they could still, if paying with PayPal (and where Fiverr aren’t fully sure of the ID) have an initial limit (maybe it could be higher like $100 or $300) that still puts some limit on order value to start off with so that you don’t have sellers losing out on >=$1000 from chargebacks and you are less likely to have sellers losing out on around 30 days of work.

If someone wanted to order something high value for the first order maybe they’d use a debit/credit card if Fiverr creates that option, as they’d know there are issues with PayPal.

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Fiverr should remove payment method of PayPal to avoid this kind of scams?

The same thing is happening with many sellers and affecting there completion rate.
It happend with me.

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All of this assumes that all buyers are going to be naughty people and are only signing up to defraud sellers.

Thankfully, although some buyers do this, as indicated by the OP, I’m sure they are in the minority.

When I was a child, the local sweet shop had a sign that said that only 2 school children were allowed in the shop at a time to avoid theft - they were presuming guilt before anybody had even gone in the shop. I felt insulted by that as a child as I would never have dreamt of stealing anything.

As an adult, I’d feel equally insulted that limits were put on my spending ability before I’d even had the chance to buy anything.

If Fiverr and PayPal together are a dangerous combination, perhaps individual sellers should think of ways to stay within Fiverr’s ToS and those of PayPal’s, but keep themselves safe at the same time. If that includes having a sum of money in their head they’re prepared to lose, and not selling gigs for more than that value, then perhaps it would be one solution?


Cards already have limits where you can’t take >X amount out of a cash machine (and if you want to take more you need to go in the bank and have them check your identity, and they might increase the limit on the card). It’s not an insult, it’s to protect against fraud. PayPal has a limit where they do a bit more verification after X amount has been spent, to protect fraud. I don’t see it as an insult to have some limit in place if paying by PayPal through Fiverr, if the initial limit is a reasonable figure, and if it increases in a reasonable way over time. And they could also add credit/debit card options like I said.

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I sincerely hope not. Thousands of buyers and sellers use PayPal to fund their purchases and obtain their revenues. It would hurt Fiverr’s bottom line, and alienate sellers if PayPal were removed as funding/revenue option on this site.

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