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Seller was paid for incomplete work

I am concerned about an order that was partially received. I worked with the seller to create a custom order for a logo, packaging design, and label design, all to be done in this order. We first worked on the logo. Everything went great. I loved the final logo but made the mistake of accepting the order too soon. In order for me to receive the file, I had to accept order, which meant the seller was paid (a LOT) before completing the project. I have contacted the seller several times since it’s been a month and I have yet to receive the remainder of the order. I get replies such as “on it” or “working on it” but am not receiving anything. I am thinking I might have been scammed.


I am so sorry to hear that, I have worked with scamming sellers too. :neutral_face: Contact CS (Fiverr Customer Support), they usually help in those situations:

If it’s been a month, I would definitely suggest to contact Fiverr CS immediately, they’re pretty helpful in these matters.

Sorry to hear that

However, you still have the option to officially file a ticket by contacting customer support and I am sure they will resolve it for you at the earliest.

Just clearly explain them what happened and also take screenshots of the chat or order section where you asked the respective part of the order and it was delayed. It will make things easy for the customer support and consequently, the issue may get resolved sooner

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Thank you! I did just that today.
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As other people mention try to contact with fiverr they will refund your money. I’m pretty sure about it. Just give some proof of it, like @myounas853 mentioned take screenshots.
If they don’t then leave bad review on seller ID because of his scam.

But before it i will suggest you to send him last message just like a warning then leave bad review because can be possible that he is extremely busy or he required more time to finish the task.

but first of all they will refund your money to you. don’t worry.

Thank you for your feedback!
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if they told you that you need to accept order before you receive file then its definitely a scam. Sorry :frowning: If you hadn’t waited so long you could at least go and give a bad review.