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Seller when trys to buy a gig!

Hello, I’m a seller on Fiverr, I’d like to know if I want to buy a gig from another seller could he see my gigs if he had checked my profile? if yes, is there an option to be seen as an empty profile or at least my gigs aren’t shown!

Thanks, everyone!

If he checks your profile yes he will see your gigs. You can deactivate them temporarily.

My Q would be why on Earth you would not want someone you are about to do business to know who you are, what you are about?

I decline/block any Seller who comes to me without introducing themselves as a Seller, and what they sell, especially if there is any relationship to what they are looking to buy from me. As in if they want me to sub-contract their Gig work, or otherwise make them look good based on using my skill to make them appear to have the same skill level as me when they do not. Not making this clear at the start tells me that they are a liar and dangerous to associate with. When open, I am usually very helpful with other sellers.

Take extreme care care here as while buying from other Sellers is ok, lying can get you in serious trouble with your colleagues and even Fiverr if/when you get reported for having other sellers make your Gig - even worse if you get them banned too.