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Seller will not cancel my order


This was my first time in Fivver, I required an urgent job to be done, in which the seller on Fivver agreed he could start that day. 48 hours later all I kept receiving was “yes sir”, he obviously struggled with English. I sent the work via email.
As the work was urgent I had to end up doing myself. Payment was made of $178.00 Australia dollars now I have nothing and he is refusing to cancel the job because of his rating. Please advise I have contacted Fiverr days ago and have heard nothing


So sad to hear your experience.

You will have to contact Fiverr customer care -

It is btw against the ToS to communicate out side Fiverr platform.

You will definitely get a refund.


Thanks its been a nightmare! I contacted support three days ago too, haven’t heard anything


That’s the sad thing about support. They take a while to respond. But, 3 days seem so many.

They usually respond within 24-48 hours.


You need to remove the reference to the country of the Seller as that is not allowed on the forum.

Also make sure to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works.


thanks for letting me know


Your order has a deadline.
In 24 hours after the deadline, you will be able to cancel the order (and leave an automatic bad review).


Thankyou much appreciated


What happens is, if you purchase a gig then you are given a specific time for the gig to be delivered, if the seller doesn’t deliver, then the order is automatically cancelled, some sellers will try to bypass this cancellation by sending a fake delivery so as to make the system think the order has been complete… To all fairness you shouldn’t try and cancel an order if the deadline in the timer and the one you agreed on haven’t been met. If the seller refuses to cancel when the deadline is over and they haven’t yet complete the order then the best solution would be to contact support… NB… Since you say you sent the work via email hope you didn’t also make a mistake of paying the seller directly to their paypal because at this time the only people who can help you are paypal or support team for the mode of payment you used.


You should get a reply via email, not here of fiverr. So simply check you inbox again. CS will surely be of assistance to you.

Please don’t let this bad experience stop you from using this platform.


Thankyou for your reply, seller finally accepted to cancel the order, now to get my money back into my bank account


I’m afraid you cannot do that. You get a refund as credit. You can reuse the money in Fiverr to purchase gigs again. Please let us know if you managed to get them back into your bank.

Good luck.


Submit a ticket to CS and explain the matter.


thanks u your feedback