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Seller Won't Accept Cancellation Request

Hello, In my FAQ of my gig I state you can’t buy my gig to promote illegal activity. He asked if i can tweet a site and I said yes without really looking what his website is about and soon after I realized his website is Selling Weed in the Mail. (Most likely scamming people) and wants me to tweet it to my 2.4million followers and risk getting my Twitter suspended! Well I can’t tweet it. I asked to cancel and he declined. What do I do? His website in my country would be considered a federal Crime and I have only 9 hours to complete order because he denied cancelling.


contact support and inform them of what he is asking and why you want to cancel.

I have. first time contacting support. first order I ever wanted to cancel. Is there a phone number to reach Fiverr or just the ticket system?

Just the ticket system