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Seller Won't Cancel Order


Before selecting a graphic designer for my logo I sent the person pictures of exactly what I wanted. He said that he could do it, so I booked him. After taking about an hour he sent me four logos that weren’t remotely close to what I asked for. I have asked for my order to be cancelled numerous times and still he won’t even acknowledge the request. He sent another round of logos and once again it is nothing like I asked for.
What to do?


If he delivers the logo what you didn’t ask for, you can always use modification from the resolution center. If he doesn’t accept, you can offer mutual cancellation, If that not works either, Contact CS, explain everything, they will cancel the order.
See, there are lots of “if”/ things you can do. However, make sure, that you have a valid point to ask any of it. :slight_smile:


Submit a request here and ask fiverr to cancel it on yuor behalf


I am not sure if a cancellation is the way to go since he has done the work already.

Here are a few options:

  1. Remind him of the instructions and the type of logo you wanted and ask him again to deliver what he promised

  2. The seller has spent the time working on your project and deserves to be paid. You can accept the delivery and leave
    an honest review.

  3. Click on resolution center in the upper right corner (on the order page) and ask him to cancel the order if he is unable
    to deliver what he said he could

  4. Contact customer support for assistance


The seller used files from freepix to create the logos hence the reason he finished so fast. He should get paid for doing the work I asked him to do not whatever he wanted to do.


I agree. If you ask for eggs and they give you toast, it’s not what you ordered.
contact Customer Service and explain. Screenshots of what you asked for and what was delivered will help.


contact to customer services ,