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Seller won't cancel!


I ordered a gig over a week ago that was supposed to be delivered in three days time. The seller delivered (late) but they had not completed the order! I requested a modification saying they hadn’t done the work (extremely politely) and they responded with “please check.” I requested a mod again and they never responded.

I requested a cancellation after waiting a day, they declined with no response. I requested another one, clarifying I never got they’re delivery. They declined again! I requested a third, and finally a fourth today.

I’m still trying to be polite, I told them I won’t let the order complete because they haven’t done the work. Will fiverr do anything or will this be an endless loop?


Thanks :slight_smile:


You need to contact Customer Support and ask them to review the order and tell them you want a forced cancellation and refund. You might have to keep the “loop” going until they can respond which could take a few days. Fiverr will most likely cancel the order for you (which affects the seller’s cancellation ratio and place in search.) If it is canceled you will get a refund in the form of credit so you can hire another seller to do the work.