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Seller wont cancel

ask seller to revise and seller failed to do so in timely manner. i asked seller to cancel and told seller why seller responds that in the country where they live internet is bad and refuses to cancel. i contacted fivver 4 days ago and still no response. since then i asked seller to cancel now twice since then and each time seller waits just before the 48 hours is up and refuses to cancel!

help please!!!

just before coming here i tried to accept their work so i can give them all 1 star ratings and dispute the charge on my credit card but i’m unable to accept!!!


A seller is not required to cancel delivered work, nor are you – as a buyer – entitled to your money back based upon personal preference. This is clearly written within Fiverr’s own terms of service. If you need revisions – and if the seller offers them – you will have to work it out with your seller. They are, however, fully entitled to be paid for the work they deliver.

It is also worth noting that you can only leave a review if the order is marked as complete. If you feel the need to leave a specific review, accept the order, it’ll be marked as completed, and then you can post your review. You are not able to leave a review if the order is refunded.


if you would have read what i wrote you would have read i’m unable to accept and leave feedback!
also if the seller did not offer revision’s i would not have asked for it.

issue is i’m in this loop where seller waits just before the 48 hours is up and declines to refund and does nothing and i request cancelation again and same thing happens, this is the 3rd time! i contacted fiverr 4 days ago and they never replied; that us very untimely and unacceptable!!!

fiverr should not allow a cancelation request to keep going in circles after the 2nd time they should automatically step in as this can be endless!!!

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My comments remain valid. According to Fiverr’s terms of service, you are not entitled to a refund of a delivered order. You keep trying to force the seller to cancel. He/she does not have to do so. There is nothing wrong with the seller declining your demands for a post-delivery refund.

You’re advocating to force a seller to cancel an order that he/she clearly does not want to – nor is required to – cancel. That’s not going to happen, and the seller is well within his/her rights to keep declining your demands.

If you stop demanding refunds, the order should autocomplete in 3 days. At that point, you should be able to leave a review.


YOU ARE INCORRECT!!! in the sellers service they offered it says

" 1 Day Delivery Unlimited Revisions"

seller has not fulfilled their contract and has not even done 1 revision!!!

Did the seller provide the revision within the one day delivery time? Did you ask for a revision?


yes i requested revision and no seller has not even done 1 revision seller has done 0 revisions and had to hire someone else. it is 8 days with this seller that won’t revise or refund and fiverr has not responded to me in 4 days so as soon as i can i will accept the work to leaver seller 1 star ratings and dispute with my credit card.

it should not be taking fiverr days to respond to a help request!

After the pandemic began Fiverr saw a surge of new sellers. Because of that customer service has been short handed and they are taking ten days to two weeks to reply. Plus, if you send a request more than once the whole ticket goes to the spam file.

If you do nothing the order will auto-complete after 3 ays. Then you still have several days to still leave a review of your choosing.


Just to add: it’s against fiverr TOS to dispute it with your card and most likely your account will be banned after that.


There is no need to “shout” at me, or “scream” that I am incorrect. You stated nothing, before this quoted comment, about unlimited revisions being part of the service you hired. I, and others who respond here, can only respond according to the information you choose to share. We cannot read your mind to understand the details you have not shared. My previous comments, therefore, continue to remain true – based upon the previous complaints you have made.

Now that you’ve chosen to share more details, yes, I can agree with you. If the seller offers services in an order you hired them to complete, then they must, legally, provide those services. If your added details are true, then the seller MUST provide their promised unlimited revisions, and you do have a case to contest their failure to provide them.

In the future, here on the forums, please provide ALL of the information relevant to your complaints, instead of expecting us to understand your entire situation, based only upon partial details.


then they will be reported to visa / mastercard at that point they are breaking the TOS with them

The one day delivery doesn’t actually suggest that the unlimited revisions will be delivered within 1 day but rather the initial delivery will be done within one day. There is no time limit to unlimited revisions.

You said you are trying to accept the order but it doesn’t work. I think that might be because the revision request is still open? Since the seller hasn’t delivered the revision yet. So in order for you to be able to accept the order, you would have to ask the seller to either send the revision or to send the initial delivery again so that you can accept it. Then you may leave a review you see fit for the service you received.


Fiverr does not see it that way. If you do a chargeback without CS canceling the order your account will be banned for that.

@mariashtelle1, I forgot to mention that, good catch!


again,against the TOS , here’s a useful link to read


Again it is against visa / Mastercard tos especially since fiverr is not timely responding

Not sure what more do you expect … you received several answers above … I don’t know if this conversation is relevant anymore since you are ignoring what everyone says … Support will answer when they can


i like how most you people comment like if i’m in the wrong!

FACT IS: seller provided bad work that resembled nothing like what they advertise, seller has not revised once even though they claim unlimited revisions, and 2 days after revision request seller keeps saying it’s almost done i need more time i have no internet most of the time as the internet is bad where i live. (like if thats my fault) seller should not be selling on fiverr if their internet is that bad where they use it as an excuse not to deliver what they are selling! fiverr has not responded timely.

so i have no choice but to dispute with my credit card since i paid for a service i did not receive and that is the bottom line! like it or not those are the facts! then on top of all of this seller keeps declining cancelation requests just before the 48 hour mark thus seller keeps dragging it out and somehow seller learned this stall tatic. i suspect that the people responding here are sellers!

And it’s Fiverr’s policy to ban users who file chargebacks.

People have kindly advised you to ask CS to cancel your order and wait for their response. It’s up to you whether to take the advice.


The fact is that we don’t know this , the story has 2 sides , if he is offering unlimited revisions and if you need revisions,then you should request revisions … in any case support will check this when they have time , I don’t know if it can be more clear… Also the whole ‘’ I tried to accept their work so I can give them 1 star rating then dispute the charge on my credit card ‘’ is very inappropriate … it makes me wonder about the entire story…


That doesn’t mean you get to cancel if these terms aren’t met. You don’t.

If you asked for a revision on something and the seller refused, that would be different. But you aren’t doing that. You’re just trying to cancel because it’s late. You can’t do that.