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Seller won't contact me

Hi, I recently joined as a buyer and contacted a seller whose work I liked and who had good ratings. It’s been a week and he has not responded. I sent another message after a few days, and still no response.

I happen to know he has been here because I noticed that he increased the price for his gigs.

I have been reading the forums and it seems a lot of people have complaints about one thing or another, which makes me nervous about using the service. Is it common for sellers to ignore buyer messages? (I wanted to explain some things before I ordered anything so I was sure he would understand.) Anyway, I obviously won’t use him now, but I just wondered why a seller would ignore a buyer. If he is super busy, I would think his page would indicate that he has a lot of orders in the queue, but it doesn’t. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

Hi and seller usually reply quick cause it effect the response rate. I don’t know why he missed your message.

Hi Sherkhanshani,

Thanks for answering. I thought this must surely be unusual. I’m glad you confirmed that. I didn’t even know about the response time rating. Perhaps he has had some issues in his personal life and been too busy to answer. At any rate, I guess it’s up to him. Thanks again.

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