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Seller won't do a modification?



I don’t understand why the seller wont do a modification and now I notice a “Status” of "Rejected"

What does all this mean I paid, I waited, I read the article it was not “Excellently written with strong command of English language” It was choppy and I asked for a revision. Now she won’t respond. Is there someone to mediate this matter. Was does that rejected mean? I cannot give any feedback on her worK? Please help!

Is there a problem when someone lives in Nigeria and maybe they are putting a picture of someone who looks American. I don’t know. Please someone advise. This seems mighty strange to me.


Ps: Did I make the mistake and write in the rejection? I don’t quite understand.

I do want the article. I just want a revision.


Please someone respond I need help.


Thanks so much for a response.

I thought I read something that said after 3 days the account would be considered finished. I thought I would not be able to write feedback. Where do I write feedback please?

And yes, I will be patient.


The ball is in your court. The seller can’t respond or help if you don’t let them know what the problem is. You got to do things in the right order and not try to jump ahead with rating, etc. Time is something you should watch. Don’t delay. Send the seller a message.


“Rejected” is not a status a seller can set. It sounds like that is where your frustration is coming from. Seeing that red button? I’ve had a few buyers who used the request a medication feature and they thought I “rejected” their project. Just give the seller a chance to respond to you. It will not be finished/completed after 3 days unless the status shows as “Delivered”. I hope that helps.


Yes, I am really noticing my frustration with this seller.

I will have to calm down. Thanks to all of you.

I really appreciate the responses.


Hey @rlhenryjr, once the seller has re-delivered the article with the modifications (which you will see on the order page) you will then find the option to rate the work on the same order page below the conversation between you and your seller. The feedback area has a green background so it will stand out when you’re scrolling down.


If it makes you feel any better (or makes a difference in your perspective), when you as the buyer use the Modification option, the seller is notified by email that the order was “Rejected” by the buyer.

I received this email notification a couple of times when I still had active gigs up. The first time it happened, my heart sank. I was like, what? Rejected? Then I clicked over and realized it was a modification request. Still, the few times after that when I would receive one of those emails, it triggered an irritable response in me. So I would ask the buyer to please just let me know what modifications they need through our regular messaging communication instead of using the Request Modification option, and I explained why. I never had any issues doing it this way.

I think if Fiverr worded things differently with that option, the frustrations would largely disappear. (Like, don’t use the word “rejected” – say something like, “Buyer has requested a modification.” And when the buyers are viewing the status, it should say “Modification in progress” or “Modification requested” or something like that. Then it won’t look so “angry” or off-putting to either party. And maybe use blue or purple words. Anything but red!)

Anyway. That’s my little two cents’ worth.


Reply to @goodgift: I wholeheartedly agree. I don’t see any problem with a buyer requesting a modification. It lets the seller know they need to change something, and it pushes the timeline out a little bit (when the timer is working properly.)

The only issue I have with it is when it lists the order as “Rejected.” It fires me up, and has the potential to confuse the buyer as is the case here. The language is too strong. I think the edits you suggest are perfect.


Reply to @rlhenryjr: Hi sir .so sad for that hear that seller what he done.if you need any service please have a look here.and i promise you if given any opportunity will stand my one word.

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Reply to @goodgift: I totally agree with your suggestions. It is an unnecessarily harsh word that affects us in a negative way. If we were having a bad day and receive one of that our mood will plummet. :slight_smile: But now I knew better. Still, hope it will change to avoid confusion or bad feelings


Very frustrating. A seller did NOT deliver. He took my money. When I click on “resolution,” fiverr simply directs to a conversation with the seller… but does nothing to help? The seller agreed that he failed in delivering the service. He agreed to refund, but says he doesn’t know how to do so? What do I do? :frowning:


Reply to @chikile: Umm the original poster was drawn to a gig that offered a strong command of the English language. I don’t think you offer the service she is requesting, I believe you are just attempting to self promote… don’t do that.


Reply to @goodgift:

Thanks I agree with you. That was part of the frustration. I am learning a lot using Fiverr.


Thanks to everyone for your responses. I am learning so much about Fiverr.

Its really great!


In response to everyone who brought up the fact that we used to get a “rejected” notification, I’d like to add to that saying that the notification we get now is “Unfortunately, a modification was requested.” Why does it have to be worded “unfortunately?” Modifications don’t always have to be bad, but seeing the word “unfortunately,” makes my heart sink and I’m sure it does for a lot of other sellers.


If there are issues regarding what is delivered to you based on personal taste, please address this to your seller in advanced prior to completing the order.

If your seller offers revisions, please request modifications and very clearly state to them what needs to be revised. If your seller doesn’t offer revisions, or mentions it in their Gig description, please revisit what materials and instructions were sent to them and communicate your concerns to them.

In cases where there is no response given by your seller after 24-48 hours after the order is Delivered, you can then request modifications to address these concerns before the order is marked as complete after 72 hours from the latest delivery.

If that Seller continues to not respond despite your attempts to communicate with them, please file a Support Ticket and contact Customer Support they provide the best advice in this matter. Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:


Reply to @alliemadison12: Agree


Where the buyer lives is irrelevant, I assure you there are Americans and Britons that can barely write in English. There are others pretending to be things they are not, in all categories. Read the reviews, maybe demand a sample, and be ready to revise it upon delivery. It’s rare to get an article that 100% perfect. As for me, when I order articles, I focus on the quality of the content. Grammar and spelling are easy to fix, but bad content is beyond repair.