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Seller won't make revisions and delivered an unfinished product


I’ve left a bad review and filed several complaints. What else can be done? I’ve basically lost out on my money and have an unfinished “product”.

The seller in question took an additional 7 days to deliver the product and asked for several extensions at the last minute. We agreed upon some make up work in exchange for the deal going forward, but the seller didn’t do them. Additionally, the seller gave me an unfinished product that is not what I described. I left sketches and specific description of what I was looking for, and answered every question they had to ensure we are on the same page. This has left me very concerned. I’m not sure if I’ll be using flivver anymore…


If you left a review you must have accepted your delivery?

The best thing would have been to cancel the order when it was obvious it wasn’t going the way you wanted, or to have asked for modifications until you did get what you want.

All you can do now really is to ask Customer Services if the can help you - good luck! :sunny:


It auto-accepted essentially. The persons delays put the time that I could
accept/revise into the part of my life where I work 16 hour days, and I
didn’t realize it would auto-accept. It’s clearly not what I asked for. Nor
does it include everything, which sucks. I hope fivver can help. The guy
is just laughing at me saying he doesn’t have to do anything and fivver
isn’t going to help me. He even acknowledges that things are missing, not
done, and that he agreed to fix any issues in the product, but then says he
wont since I cannot make him :confused: Sounds pretty childish to me to see it all
summed up like that.

This is my second order on here. Learning experience I guess.


Ah right - orders close 3 days after the last delivery. If you want modifications made you’ve got to ask for them before it closes.

Have a read of the buyer help centre - I hope your future orders are more successful! :slightly_smiling_face:


Didn’t know that was a thing. Will anything be done to get my money back,
do you think? I understand it’s a thing now, but it’s obviously not right
or full, and was produced after taking 7 more days with excuses and
extensions being asked 3x. Is there any recourse here?


You can send a screen capture of your entire conversation, proving the seller failed to deliver the final product, as described in his/her gig to customer support. Tell them what happened. If they agree, they may cancel the order and refund your money to spend on another seller.

It’s worth a try. I believe the success rate is 50/50. You have to prove your case.

Good luck.