Seller won't provide photos of claimed social media post done


Need some advice. I have worked with two other sellers here who provided proof of their work when the work was completed by providing me with screen shots of their online/social media/forum promotional posts. These were $5.00 jobs. I was satisfied since they were able to prove they did what they said they were going to do. I understand that posts and promotions do not equal followers and sales, but they could prove they did their job description so to me that is a positive transaction.

Another seller had a more expensive job that was also for social media posts. I asked the seller to provide me screen shots of the social media posts on March 4. The seller marked his work as complete. I asked for the social media posts. The seller gave me the name of the social media accounts used, but again- no screen shots as requested.

Yesterday I sent my fourth requests for the screen shots of the work done. I had searched through the seller’s social media accounts briefly but could not find posts.

The seller wrote me back today and accused me of being a scammer and trying to get something for nothing.

Today, I made my fifth request for the screen shots of the social media posts done and stated it is not my responsibility to go hunting through their accounts to go find the work they claimed they did. Asking for the photos of the work done was a simple request and from what I can see on here most sellers do it at the point of completion. This shouldn’t be a hard request to do especially since I asked for it over two weeks ago.

I’m pretty annoyed- especially after being accused of being a scammer.

I was shopping on help here for a much bigger job- with a grant. This person has clearly lost out on this opportunity. If I can’t get screen shots of work done for a $20 job you’re sure as heck out of the running for the $5K one.


Just cancel the order if a seller is not giving you what you want. Contact CS. Don’t need to worry. Just play cool. Everyone has to face fake sellers as well as buyers!


Thanks for the reply.

Since I’m traveling again for work this weekend I wound up having to spend my lunch time going through and finding posts. I wanted to close out the transaction before being on planes for the next three days knowing that the system would have closed it out on me. I found enough, not what was expected, but closed it out to send payment and left an appropriately negative review which states the reason I was upset- I asked for proof of work, it should be sent to the buyer- the buyer shouldn’t have to go looking for it.

At least the two other sellers I worked with on here were professional, not rude, and proved their work without me asking. Sellers need to realize some customers may be required to have proof of work for certain job requirements (this was part of our grant use test- we need to show what we got for the money).


I never keep asking for things, when a seller refuses to send proof of the final output or if the buyer refuses to submit all the required information press that cancellation button. Better yet contact fiverr support and give a detailed review of what is going on.


Or just ask for direct links.
As each post has its own link. It will allows you to land directly to the post.


Silliness from the seller. Screenshots or direct links are pretty standard for that kind of work.