Seller's account is no longer available?!


Hi Guys,

Need a little help here! I ordered logo design from a seller, I rejected the work and now their account is no longer available?! What do I do? The user was logomaster01…



Maybe it suspended by seller. You can try to contact him via inbox



Oops, it seems that this gig was just suspended by its seller. – I have just got this from 2 different logo designers when I tried to order.


yeah sellers just suspend their gig when they get so many orders in queue or may be due to busy schedule…but you can see them in your active orders tab


Sometimes suspension of orders is a good thing because it will allow sellers to get their queue taken care of more efficiently. I noticed someone suspended their account when they went on vacation so it makes sense.


I think account has been suspended by the support team for blackmaling an other seller.

I read about that in an other discussion. but I’m not sure