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Sellers additional Terms & Conditions?

Hi all,

New to fiverr, no orders yet but I am enjoying reading through the forums and getting to know how the site works and reading the great success stories on the forums!

I have a question about individual sellers Terms and Conditions (not Fiverr’s). For instance, in my gigs, I have set out my requirements and described my gig as best I can within the character count (1,200??)

So, let’s say I get my first order, can I issue them with a set of my own terms and conditions? Basically just some more information than is in the description on the gig. I want to be fully transparent with this information but I can’t fit it in the general description on the gig.


You can’t really put in terms and conditions which may go against those of Fiverr.

What you can do is use the FAQ section (you’ll find it on the description page) where you can add up to 10 FAQ items which will help you describe your service in more detail. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! I might update my FAQ section

The T&C’s are not intended to go against Fiverr’s, but more so for further information from those described in my gig. It’s hard to condense it down with the smaller character count.

As I am a new seller, I don’t want to get carried away with T&C’s but I want my potential buyers to be fully aware of the service they are getting. And one which I cannot describe, along with my gig and other details in the general description

Thanks for your quick reply and information!

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I added in the FAQ’s, just what I was looking for…thanks!

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