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Sellers advertising gigs in the buyer requests


Fiverr needs to create an option to allow doers to report sellers who advertise their gigs in the buyer request…unbelievable!!! Folks like to abuse everything and anything …it is too annoying:(


if you search the forum for sellers advertising on buyer requests or similar, you will be able to join in an existing conversation on this subject.


That was a nice way of saying, “Do a search first before you start a new thread ^%$#@%!.” :wink:


Agreed, but in the same right they’re hurting themselves by promoting their services on a system that isn’t geared towards them. It shows a clear lack of professionalism, courtesy and respect for the system.

Imagine how many people are looking at them thinking how annoying they are––I don’t think anyone would want to work with a person that promotes themselves in the Buyers Requests like that. :unamused:


I like that idea. Or, let sellers send them a message without losing a request. The message can be a gentle reminder that NO ONE is coming to buyer request to find a seller.


@thepromogirl Wow! I’m glad that my subject got your attention as a “Top Seller”. Thanks for your participation :slight_smile: I look forward to becoming a Top Seller too :wink:


This topic has been talked to death. Nothing is changing.


@silberma1976 Well, Fiverr has to do something. It’s not professional, it’s too annoying for other honest sellers and it became a trend. I believe sooner or later, it’s harming the site reputation!


Someone, who posted, “That was a nice way of saying, “Do a search first before you start a new thread ^%$#@%!.” :wink:” must be one of the buyers we’re talking about… I’m just wondering what bothered him if I started a new thread about a problem that has to be fixed?


Everyone agrees with you, but it’s been discussed to death before.

Are you always so dismissive when people try to help you?
If you feel you can do better, please contact Customer Services/


@offlinehelpers Before you jump to these kind of conclusions, please read what he posted first!


My thoughts on the sellers requests
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yup there wasting my per day bid limits :rage:


I try to stroll through the forum as often as I can. :wink:

Keep up the hard work!


That’s so true, @elpadrinopost! This would be a great option for the Fiverr development team to add into the system. :clap: :+1:


I don’t know who these Fiverr admin people you talk of are but to quote @offlinehelpers:

And no-one’s going to take much notice of a small post when they might take notice of a post with hundred’s of replies where real discussion has happened instead of this discussion which is basically you saying your post is better.


You too thanks :slight_smile:


Why on earth are you talking about yourself in “3rd person” singular?


I was not talking about myself. People are bored and tend to fight here. I’m out! Enjoy it…


I am with you it is very rabbis that sellers advertising gigs in the buyer request it’s a matter of same