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Sellers Advertising/Spamming their Gigs in the "Buyer Requests" Box


What it says on the tin. Not cool, guys, not cool. That box is for buyers looking for sellers, not for you to spam your gig/shove your seller name into.



Happens A LOT !


I don’t understand how this happens.

I’ve submitted a gig request before, and it didn’t go up immediately. It went into some sort of “review” that could take up to so many hours before it would be submitted.

If they are being reviewed before posting, I am assuming by Admin, how are the ones that are promoting a gig instead of requesting a gig getting posted?

This leads me to believe either Fiverr doesn’t care if people do this, or that they don’t actually review them.


The problem is though because some do it, others feel they have to do it to stay competitive.