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Sellers always cancelling


Seems Fiverr is on a downhill spiral - getting worse and worse. No quality control, sellers always disputing and cancelling orders after accepting GIG. And prices getting higher.

As a Fiverr buyer for over 2 years, it really is a shame. These sellers are becoming terrible. Fiverr still gets their money in transaction fee when a seller cancels. Fiverr never responds to questions/support.

Honestly when will Fiverr get better and these sellers be under somekind of rules to perform?


Well, it goes both ways.

There are some great buyers and sellers, and plenty on both sides who have unrealistic expectations.

Some buyers expect everything to be cheap and buy primarily on price alone.

Some sellers under price their gigs, hoping you’ll purchase some of their extras. (Because their basic gig is a break even or lose money based on the time it takes.) They will cancel because they aren’t losing anything when that happens, they weren’t going to make much anyway.

Prices will go up as more quality sellers join the marketplace. There will always be bargains, but the quality sellers aren’t going to give everything away at below market prices. If you go someplace else, you’ll probably pay more, and if invest a bit more on Fiverr and get the more experienced sellers, you still get a bargain compared to most other options. Just don’t expect something for nothing.

Just the newer, inexperienced sellers will play that “I’m cheap, look at me” game for a while.

You CAN find some killer bargains here… When I started I was cheap but I had years in my category before Fiverr, but knew I had to get to level 2 or so before I could start raising prices… That lasted about 2 months for me, it’s more or less for others. On the other hand, there are plenty of cheap sellers because they are new in their category, and will work cheap to gain some experience.

Those sellers often can’t provide a great product, but they are cheap and some buyers find that attractive.

Sometimes you have to invest a little bit more to find the higher quality sellers. Just life in the open markets.


Well said @lisabaarns

Fiverr, I’ve discovered, is like any other marketplace. On the Seller side, there are those who want to make a quick $5, throw together some OK product and are happy with it.

If the Buyers are satisfied with what they get, the Sellers will keep producing that quality of content.

There are some Buyers who are looking for a good balance of quality vs. price. That’s where I’ve found myself in my first six weeks as a Seller.

I’ve been fortunate to have some AWESOME Buyers. I know that eventually, I’ll be able to raise my prices, but for now, am happy to be building up my Fiverr reputation and making a little money as well.


Avoid “$5 experts” , scamers and people with zero skills.
I like a rule WYPIWYG - What You Pay Is What You Get. :sunglasses:


You can covey your sellers to complete the job.


As Lisa said, it goes both ways.

As for Fiverr doing something about seller quality, it’s not their business so don’t expect any action there. It’s really up to you as a buyer to do your due diligence about buying a gig. Fiverr simply provides a platform to make that happen, not to vet sellers.

As for prices getting higher, I again echo Lisa. It’s a platform for sellers to advertise essentially with a low-cost offer, hoping that you’ll upgrade. That’s how I started about five years ago. But out of a couple dozen $5 gigs (that’s all there was back then), none ever did buy more. So I stopped and only rejoined a few months ago after about a four-year absence after seeing the changes, namely being able to sell higher priced gigs. But no takers so far.

Brook also nailed it on the head. You see the same thing on freelancer sites. Buyers looking for cheap and being happy with that and sellers happy to make just a few bucks.


@brooksrembert you make a very valid point. The issue unfortunately as you mentioned is that buyers tend to “attract” sellers with false promises (mostly even after direct messages exchanged before any GIG is ordered), only then to see the seller does not have the capacity to produce and ends up cancelling.

That is the unfortunate issue.

As Fiverr grows in size one feels there should be somekind of pre-vetting or quality control apart to distinguish between those genuine and quality sellers versus the one who create a mad name/taste in the mouths of the buyers


This I completely agree with you @madein5rr. Pay for quality and trust the result will come out as expected.

I have had many pleasurable GIGs bought on Fiverr with glowing recommendations left.

The problem is sellers who charge $25-$150 for a GIG and complete fail flat and receive absolutely no repercussions on their end.


I have to say that I have not experienced the issue of sellers cancelling very often, just 4 out of 160 transactions. That said, it is extremely annoying when it happens as the cancellations usually happen close to the deadline so it does not go late. Some sellers are too focused on maintaining their own statistics (delivered on time, 5 star reviews etc) at the expense of the buyer’s experience. If sellers would simply communicate that there is a delay, often it would not be an issue but unfortunately many sellers simply have no concept of how to deal with people. If a seller is late (within reason) with an order for me but has told me this in advance then it will not affect my review of the service - I think most buyers are the same.

Fiverr is definitely trying to deal with this situation and have introduced private feedback which is given after a cancellation. This is not seen by the seller and just goes to Fiverr to explain why the gig was cancelled and anything else the buyer wants to add in. Sellers need to realize that this feedback is likely to be more damaging than a late order or a 3/4 star review. If a seller were to cancel an order for me with no good reason and just before the deadline I would be extremely annoyed and I think most buyers would then take out their frustration by writing extremely negative feedback.
I suspect this feedback is not always read by Fiverr but I could be wrong, however it is also possible that all these forum posts about account warnings etc could be due to negative feedback after cancellations - sellers may not even know how annoyed the buyer was and so not suspect them as the reason for the warnings.


Amend to that.

Nothing irritates me more than sellers that deliver late. I have yet to order anything on 5r that had a deadline, I know that’s not the case for everyone.

In every case, the seller sets the time line, so if they can’t do it, then inbox me, let me know. I’ve never had late delivery cancellation, but I’ve had "Awaiting your 5 star review.":unamused:


Well said and articulate. It is an open market, you just have to consider who you’re buying from and what level of quality you need.


Soon after my comments above, someone was interested in my gig. Strange coincidence maybe or maybe not. But an example of a bad buyer, echoing my and Lisa’s comment that there are bad buyers as well, not just bad sellers.

This guy asked if I could help improve his Adwords account (that’s what I do). I say yes and gave him a price of $250 and this based on little information provided but I know from experience that would be right. In any case, I’m willing to drop my price if I over-estimated. I also said I’ll need access to his account which he provided. So no problem there.

I don’t do any work until there’s a firm commitment in the form of paying or at least partial payment or placing the amount in escrow. After 12 hours, I reminded him of that. Then, 24 hours after all this, he removed the access to the account.

Did he find another seller at cheaper price? Not happy about my price? Something else such as expecting me to do the work? No idea since he did not say. Pity since I had a few minutes and quickly looked ahead to see what he had done and I really could have helped him. It was a $250 job that would have increased his business many-fold.

All this to say there are bad buyers, not just here on Fiverr but other platforms too.


Bryan, create a few gigs, learn what it’s like to be a seller and maybe you’ll understand where we’re coming from.

  1. Sellers get punished for refunding and canceling, it hurts our rankings, so even when YOU order by mistake, we still get punished for it.

  2. Buyers don’t always read the entire gig description or read the F.A.Q.

  3. Buyers get confused. The gig title might be: “I will write a flyer for $10” and they think, “he will design a flyer just like what I saw on his portfolio samples.”

  4. Some sellers charge more because they want less orders. Suppose Joe the Graphic Designer has a full-time job, he already has to work 40-hours a week at Torture Chamber Advertising, so he doesn’t want to come home and find a queue of 10 orders. A guy like him might charge $50 for a logo, and if he’s a pro with 5-10 years of experience, chances are he’s worth the $50.

  5. Some categories have very few competitors, so prices will be higher. There’s a guy who charges $60 for telemarketing services, his gig promises results or your money back, so he’s taking a huge gamble in my opinion. Of course, those buyers are encouraged to message him before ordering, so he decides if the buyer is right for him instead of bothering refunding later on.

Besides, Fiverr lets anyone have a gig, it’s the marketplace that picks the winners.


1.I have 2 questions for you.After canceling gig, does the buyer able to download the files or whether the download links will be hidden?
In the case of designing, there are sellers who ask for alternatives; some want alternatives to choose from, instead of revision.I make a design based on the sample provided by the buyer.However, some buyers after getting exact sample change their mind and ask for entirely different one.I need to make a new design again.This is so that they can use different samples alternatively on their websites.2.Does the seller be able to download the requested revision samples after accepting their orders or only able to download the last file?


Werent one of the mods saying that this new private rating stuff is probably not anything to worry about?

I’m not surprised its another thing to shaft the seller with. Most cancellations are because buyers didn’t read and they would be more likely to rate you 1 star due to that minor annoyance of having an order cancelled. Sure , let the seller just eat that … sounds legit.


The private feedback post delivery/cancellation DOES affect your gig, and I personally saw its effects in earlier times when a disgruntled buyer accepted my MC offer.


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