Sellers always lose with bad buyers


Hi, I have written lots of times regarding similar issues. Buyers with no reason cancelling orders in the middle of my job. In this case the client wanted sketches right away and threatened me by saying if I did not send her the sketches she will cancel the order. I told her I am not used to be treated this way ( unfortunately this is not the first time similar things happen to me on Fiverr). I was on the middle of my job creating the characters and when I asked her to provide me accurate information regarding the backgrounds of the illustrations she just cancelled.

The customer support answer is always the same: there is nothing they can do, the system punishes me automatically with every cancellation and my rate goes down.

I am tired of this, I have to tolerate mistreatment, I lose my time and I lose money and the only reply I get is there is nothing they can do about it. Buyer is ALWAYS RIGHT. Sellers are always wrong??? Do we always have to pay for this kind of buyers?
Is here any way to protect us??? I hope so, I have had some bad clients, including people who hired me by mistake and even in this situations I lose and my statistics goes down. I really believe this is something you need to change right now. Sellers should be as important as buyers, no less important than them.


That is always i am complaining about. Even my sales went down due to this kind of cancellations.

They just send auto replies.

In past, cs protect both sides. Now they just act as you said buyer is always right.


Hello, in the spirit of wanting to help you, is there some way to send the exact conversation she and you had?


I"m currently facing the exact problem with one of my F buyer:

I still considering cancel the order refund to him or I rather let him do a fraud claim with his bank and still cancel the order but gift me a 1 star review?

Either way we lose.


One more from me here


That order will auto mark as completed today and he will leave a very angry 1 star review, even say whatever he wanted.

If you’re in my situation, as a smart seller, will you cancel the order or rather he leave 1 star review and then file a fraud claim with his bank then order being cancelled too?

Which way should I do, I still feel very angry with this kind of F who don’t respect people’s work at all. Didn’t like the result then take back full money.