Sellers and fiverr - build trust and personalize!


Just noted fiverr pro

Everytime I look into a gig questions as these appear -
“Hmm the text seems written fast and sketchy. Might be a stressed person which means he will underperform”
“What will I get for my money?”
“The price seems a bit too little - bad quality?”
“So is that really his gigs or has he bought reviews…?”

It’s all comes down to TRUST. If you want to be an entrepenur my only advice for you is - build your business around TRUST and TRANSPARENCY and you will become rich.

I don’t buy gigs because I feel paranoid of getting fooled or not get the best experience for my money.

So what can you do?
-Make a VIDEO about YOU. PERSONALIZE it. Who are you? Humans are NOT made to do purchases based on a small text message.
-Credentials - if you have strong credentials and certificates - SHOW THEM. Take a picture of them. Or beg fiverr to make a service which can verify these for you. Anything.
-Revisions - Sure that’s great, but it doesn’t matter if I got a bag of shit when I wanted you to make a toilet.

Personalize, trust and transparency and I will most certainly look into you. Right now I’ve messaged 10 dudes and I’m still uncertain because you all seem fishy. Yes I am paranoid and schizophrenic


This is all great advice. As a Pro seller, we’re always trying to add more value, and that does mean creating trust. It means flexibility, getting a deep understanding of client needs, great communication, deep expertise, and being on your side.

We want to deliver far more value to you than you have spent on our services.


Just saying, but normal sellers are pretty damn good too you know. In any case, no matter which seller you choose always make sure to have a Conversation before making an order to get an idea of what you’ll get. Always ask for samples and make sure all details are understood by both parties before proceeding.
If you want to go with a pro-seller go with @paulmaplesden he’s genuinely an awesome guy and an even better content creator.


If a seller is perfect on paper and charming in a job interview, they still have to be able to do the job. Always test out a seller to see if they can actually get the job done correctly.


Bravo!! :clap:

Yes! You are 100% correct. A very wise woman — you are!! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Completely agree! I’ve been fooled by the best gig description - and really poor delivery.

On the other hand, the last few days I’ve received awesome, top notch work from several amazing sellers that I am just dying to commend on this forum. Unfortunately, I don’t want to sound like I am endorsing!

So many awesome sellers here, too bad the few bad :apple: spoil it for the good ones!! :slight_smile:


Indeed, I think Pro and the normal marketplace can live together side by side, at least I hope so. I don’t like to think I am taking work away from other great people. I also agree that prior work is really important. I always try and provide my buyers with relevant samples so they can see if I am right for them.