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Sellers applying to a "request a gig"

I always clearly spell out exactly what type of gig I require and list my specifications.

I receive over 20 replies that are mostly just standard gigs or the odd “new” seller that has sent me a custom gig that 20 times cost of his/hers standard gigs.

this always seems to happen when i post a pretty easy gig request. Has anyone got a good formula when requesting a type of gig?


Reply to @twistedweb123: A reasonable alternative.

Unfortunately, Fiverr doesn’t employ enough staff to properly monitor and administrate the site as-is. Auto-banning (or at least auto-suspending) would be a self-policing method of weeding out some of the worst offenders.

As far as other users abusing the “spam” power, that could be limited to one “flag” per seller response. Meaning the requester would only be able to flag the ‘offerer’ one time per requested gig. The spammer would have to be flagged by five or 10 different requesters before being suspended.

There’s no solution. No matter what you post and request, people who are desperate for sales are going to submit their gigs anyway. You just have to filter through to find the gems!

Reply to @googlemaster: Well, what are you doing wasting time here when you should be hustling to buy that offer!?!

It’s amazing how the quality of most work on this site keeps getting lower (how that’s even possible with some sellers, I can’t fathom) and yet the prices just keep on rising.

I’ve recently done a sweep to remove references to my Fiverr account from my other endeavors. It’s getting too embarrassing and taking too much time trying to explain that there are exceptions to every rule, and that I’m one of the few professionals here.

yup, but theres a lot of dross to filter before I find that gem :slight_smile: I sometimes feel I should be getting the five bucks just to find it !

Hi Googlemaster,

Hearing the buyer’s side of this feature is very interesting. Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how to improve your current experience with this feature?



Reply to @twistedweb123: You didn’t ask for my opinion, but here’s an idea anyway. Put a great big “report as spam” button on the buyer request replies. Once a seller has reached a set number of spam submissions - five or 10 - their account gets banned.

To quote Fiverr, it’s a win, win! The buyer making the requests has some power and when the banned sellers re-sign up new accounts, Fiverr can use those figures to point out how the site is growing every day. :wink:

Reply to @googlemaster: Some folks will say that ‘sweat equity’ is in exchange for getting super-cheap workers. :wink:

Reply to @itsyourthing:

I’ve raised a similar suggestion in regards to a spam button previously but I wouldn’t have it automatically ban an account - giving the power to automatically ban accounts through flagging is probably too much control/power. Personally, I would have a spam/flag button with the poster being sent an email saying “Your request has been marked as spam” and basically explain that you have 24 hours to either pull the request, or keep it if you don’t think it is spam.

From the Fiverr admin side, they would just look over any requests flagged and not self-pulled, with the priority being determined by the amount of flags one request has received.

Something has to be done about the issue. I dont even mind paying for a gig request if I get some quality replies. I laughed so loud earlier when i got a one day old seller ( his account was one day old and not his age ), replied to my gig request ( small wordpress issue ), with a price of $200 and a 30 day completion :)).

I think the easiest thing to do is search for what you want. The request feature needs to be revamped. I don’t get anything from it as a poster or requester.

I search. Like what I see. Order. :slight_smile:

I agree with searching for gigs directly, but as a seller who often replies to buyer requests, I’m curious if you have an example of the kind of requests you post?

On our end, space is limited too when we reply and we might be able to do your request, yet not have a gig listed that matches it, so we have to choose the closest thing we can from our list.

That might improve now that there seems to be the ability to create an entirely custom offer that isn’t tied to your active gigs. Beyond that, I agree with what others said, that people are desperate they might respond to requests they’re not suited for no matter how it’s worded.