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Sellers are asking for more $ then cancelling

I the last week, I’ve placed an order to have a vector image created from a diagram to 2 different sellers. Both time I sent the image to them first to see if they could do it for the price listed. Each said yes, then asked for more money. When I reminded them that they had agreed to the price, they cancelled the job (and I get charged the $1 processing fee for both cancellations). On the last one, I couldn’t understand how they had gotten so many positive reviews if they couldn’t complete a pretty simple job. Pretty quickly I discovered that the reviews were from another account and they had swapped 5star reviews. I could also see that the profile photo was of the same person. It seems pretty obvious that the person has set up 2 accounts and created fake reviews. This is a Seller that popped up as the #1 recommendation after the original seller cancelled the job when I wouldn’t pay more. I’m surprised that Fiverr can’t identify when reviews are swapped between accounts. And there is also nowhere to provide feedback on cancelled jobs, The seller keeps their 5 star “fake” rating

I am sorry to hear about your experience. Fiverr takes this very seriously but with so many gigs these days it just takes time to track them down.

You can contact customer support to notify them about your suspicion and they will look into it.

There are so many wonderful sellers here, I certainly hope you will find a great one.