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Sellers are following really bad advice

The following situation is getting even worse : As a buyer i’m looking for SPECIFIC capabilities. I do search or scan in categories. I select a few gigs to look at. If they look qualified I send Contact stating clearly the SPECIFIC thing i’m looking for. Most responses do NOT reflect any understanding at all of what i said or asked. This last project i specifically added > … you should demonstrate that you understand what i want …
— in total i have now sent about 15 Contact \ the usual response rate is under 50 % within 24 hours - this is about the same \ usually about 80 % of those reflect zero understanding of what i wrote [and for some it’s clear that they did not read it at all] \ why am i using fiverr again ? so they can waste my time ??

– with this latest project {with the specific note on ‘understanding’] it is even worse
– now it looks more like bots [stupid ones that have no smarts]

So here’s the point > I see ‘advice to sellers’ is all focused on make it pretty - like make your gig impressive \ for me as a buyer that’s kind of useless \ i see what i want quickly or not

BUT there is no advice to sellers that you should actually have something to say when your ‘pretty’ gig gets a response

Here’s analogy to what’s happening > A guy spends huge time and effort on making himself ‘look’ ‘attractive’. THEN a HOT woman starts talking to him; telling him ‘Hi I’m Interested in you.’ AND he’s too (whatever) to actually respond. IDIIOT - STUPID

Same woman sees another man. He does not look nearly so good as the other one. BUT he ‘relates’ to HER. Who gets the woman?

Why don’t sellers stop being stupid ? Why are people giving stupid advice to sellers ?

Why do sellers waste huge time and effort on making gigs look nice, and then [effectively] tell potential buyers to ‘go away’.

‘Seller culture’ on fiverr is all screwed up. Want to see for yourself ? Try being a buyer. A seller who tries to be a buyer will see the stupidity. And thereby become a more successful seller.

Would be nice if fiverr had an option for buyers to use a rating tool for responses to contacts. Eg, ‘this response from “seller” is damaging the value of fiverr’.


Wow, that was… a lot to take in.

So basically you are generalizing grossly by stating that most -if not all- Fiverr sellers are stupid.

Let’s try to dig into that.

Before saying anything let me state that aside from being a Pro and TRS, I am also a buyer here. More than 500 orders placed.

So I have some experience as a buyer as well.

So let’s dive in.

By your logic, you are definitely smarter than most sellers you choose to talk to.

My question is what type of sellers attract you in the first place? Are you looking at $5 gigs?

Is there solid communication on your end? I’m not talking about your English level, I am talking about your debriefing. Do you clearly state the task at hand, technical specs, the goal you hope to achieve, budget and timeframe?

One final thing: are you communicating in a polite and civilized manner?


You could try posting the request in the buyer request section and see if that helps.


Thanks for response. You are mis-characterizing what i said. I’m telling you my experience and opinion. I’m complaining about responses that i typically get. And i’ve been here quite a few years. I’m not saying most sellers are stupid. Look at the heading - sellers are following bad advice. Let’s do dig into that. So you’re also a buyer here. And have you seen any of the behavior that i complained about ? And why did you not mention that at all ? Let’s do dive in. You are just mis-characterizing what i said. I said nothing about being smarter. If you read what i wrote you will see that i’m calling out self-defeating behavior by sellers = look pretty and then when contacted do bad responses. The sellers that attract me in the first place were explained by me = i do search [keywords] and then category and look for relevant gig titles; and then do Contact. And i am very specific in my communications. I clearly state, in non-technical or technical terms as appropriate, exactly what i want. Budget and time frame are secondary. Primary is to be asked [relevant] questions or/and for the seller to demonstrate ‘something’ that says they did read and have some understanding of what i wrote. Of course i’m communicating in a polite and civilized manner. \ I’m guessing that you were ‘triggered’ by what i wrote; and therefore responded with ‘argument’. And not even an ‘argument’ about the ‘content’ of what i wrote - but instead ad hominem. You ‘could’ have said “I have never seen the behavior you are talking about.” You could have said “Fiverr people would never do such things.” On final thing, are you communicating with me in an authentic, honest … manner or '‘triggered’ and trying to dominate or ‘ignore’ of ‘deny’ the actual issues i wrote about ? \ Again, thanks for the fact that you did respond; i’m not particularly bothered by your mis-focus. Seriously, thanks.


I’m not going to engage for several reasons.

Have a great day.


Thanks much for your response. It is a very reasonable alternative. I have used it quite a few times over the years. I generally do that only as a last resort when i just cannot find any gig that seems related to what i want. My experience with using it is = I usually get about 20 reponses; that seems ok. Usually all but one are simply cookie-cutter not related to what i posted about [like “i can do that and my qualifications include …” – but then nothing in the quals is related to what i requested. The few on-target responses though are often quite good and likely lead to a gig. \ I have a theory that the responses overall are determined by bots or something and are limited in number [again not a bad thing]; and are ‘shown to’ only ‘some’ potentially qualified sellers. \ Thanks again for your response.


Sure i understand that. \ And i’m taking the ‘have a good day’ as a snarky comment; rather than authentic. I’m assuming you’re offended. And don’t actually know how to say that in a straight way. I do appreciate the first part that was straight = “I’m not going to engage …” \ Thanks for letting me know. Seriously.

Actually i think you continuing to engage with me would be a waste of everything. “I” am not the one at issue here. What I’d really like to see is some one actually addressing sellers and giving some advise about what i said. Even if only to tell sellers something like = when you respond to Contacts with lack of understanding you reduce your chances of getting anything from the inquiry.


Typo = advice not ‘advise’ \ give them advice or advise them


Hello, I can’t keep those two words straight either as to the spelling.

I understand what you are saying about getting good responses.

My experience lately has been that when I get long messages, lots of words in them, that take five minutes or more to read, it 1. won’t lead to a sale, or 2. will be much more trouble and time consuming than the sale is worth.

Of course you might be trying to purchase gigs that require much more consulting before you make the decision to buy. If so then the seller should be willing to put in the time and effort to give you a personalized thoughtful response.

If they are newer sellers they might not have the customer service skills, or communication skills, that are necessary.

What might be happening is that they 1. don’t like to read 2. don’t know how to communicate well even if they did read what you wrote, and 3. don’t have the ability to give you what you requested anyway.

If you look for sellers with lots of great reviews, few bad reviews, and who have been here a while you would have the best chances of finding a qualified seller.


You are right Because I am selling 2d animation explainer video from 4 years at fiverr for making professional 2d animation explainer video I have to buy many things Like Voice over, Music, Pictures So I also have experience as a Buyer at fiverr. I suggest you to go with High price seller because they are expert and they Understand all the things and information which you are sending them.


Sorry, your profile states that you’ve been here for 4 months, not 4 years?

So, they shouldn’t order from you?


@animationwarior we can see your profile. Why would you say you have been here four years?
Was that just a mistake?


My old account was blocked due to Some Irritating Buyers


You might really want to reconsider your approach to hiring sellers. For the most part, Fiverr is not a platform where you hire sellers based on an interview/consultation.

If a seller charges $50 - $100 or more, it is (arguably) reasonable to ask that sellers demonstrate their proficiency in a certain area, etc. Otherwise, buyers need to know exactly what they want and search for a gig which offers this exact service.

i.e. 90% of people who order from my writing gigs order directly. In their requirements, they state something like, “I need a copy or blog post for this website or on this subject.”

The other 10% message to say something like, “can you take a look at my website and tell me if you can help?” Alternatively, they message with interview questions like “I need web page optimized for this area, can you explain the differences between SEO and local SEO?”

The 10% asking such questions might have sincere intentions. However, realistically, my gigs are priced below going market rates and it simply does not make sense for me to engage in in-depth client consultations/interviews. - Doing so takes time which eats away at the time I could be spending working on orders which are paid upfront, for the sake of a potential order which might never materialize.

If you are looking for a seller with specific capabilities, you need to search for a gig offering the specific services you require.

i.e. If you need someone to write an article on a complicated engineering subject, you should search for an engineering writer with good reviews. Messaging several generic writers to ask them to prove their competency writing engineering related content just wastes your time and theirs.

Sadly, a significant number of people try to buy on Fiverr who are not qualified to gauge the responses of sellers. I just received a message from someone asking me to write a news article concerning a scam product they are trying to promote. They want someone to write from the perspective of a reporter present at an official product launch in Dubai which has never (and will never) take place.

I have declined this ‘opportunity.’ The buyer is annoyed. By your logic, I should now be given a low rating concerning my response. That is neither fair nor sensible.


Thank you \ regarding the long messages > yes i understand that \ i have come to a point of writing messages not too long and not too short \ and not too wordy \ and using easier to understand terms, etc \ i know that is a factor
– i had too many experiences here and previous systems i’ve used of having ordered something and then realizing that the seller just did not understand it - usually mis-understood it \ the ‘yes i understand’ and the ‘yes i can do that’ responses just are not to be trusted
– i’m pretty much never looking for ‘consulting’ \ i’m saying what i want and looking for understanding \ or asking a specific thing \ example = i wanted a particular word evaluated as a brand name [good, bad, etc]
very specific about that \ and kept getting way wrong responses / like especially ‘choose’ or ‘suggest’ brand name \ BUT i very specifically wanted a single word evaluated - an opinion \ finally one person [among about 15] ‘got it’ instantly \ he said = ‘you want feedback on as a brand name’ \ some of the others did not get it even after some clarifications \ and every one of the was offering ‘brand name’ services
– the 3 reasons you cited are what i think is happening also
– the very BEST responses i get are ‘honest’ and not hiding \ eg, recently got one saying ‘i don’t know how to do it, but i will try’ - and i really go the extra mile for them \ those are sellers who will prosper
– i do look for sellers with good reviews etc \ but that’s not great solution either = high price does not equal good quality \ and many of those are also just looking for big money gigs \ and another indicator of ‘i don’t care’ = the only response is “how much is your budget?” - without even showing any understanding of the inquiry
– thank you much \ the whole point of my posting was the title = “Sellers re following really bad advice” [put a whole lot of effort into the gig listing \ and don’t care at all about how you may be insulting and killing inquiry opportunities] \ like the example i gave about the guy who spends huge on his appearance and then can’t ‘relate’ to the women who find him attractive \ thanks again


As far as I know there is a rating option that is sometimes shown,

ie. after contact it sometimes says (or said):

Was this response helpful? [yes]/[somewhat]/[no]

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Thanks much for your thoughtful response. Yes, agree about the abuse potential of a response-rating.

The whole point of my posting is the title = “Sellers are following bad advice”. I’m not looking for advice on how to buy. I’m wanting sellers to be advised to have a concern about how they respond to inquiries.

The things that you describe about problem buyers are not things that i do.

The thing you mention about ‘specific’ thing > here’s an example > I wanted a SPECIFIC word evaluated as a brand name. All i could find was a few hundred ‘brand name’ gigs (‘suggest’ etc). I made about 15 inquiries and follow ups; only one single person ‘got it’ [“you want feedback on xxx as a brand name”].

Re your example on writing > I can understand that buying approach for buyers of “content” who just ‘general’ writing as you noted. But when the topic needs to be more narrow, that does not work very well.

I’m not sure if you have done much buying, i’m thinking that if you have you’d see some other facets that you may not be seeing.

Thanks again for your thoughtful response. How about also advising sellers to be honest and authentic and to seek to actually understand and to ask questions, etc.


Wow i’m not seeing that kind of thing. Just that simple question i think would really help fiverr be a better platform. Even better would be an option for multiple choice as to how the response to the inquiry could be useful. And same for buyers. Thanks much.

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You are looking for objective critiques of brand names and not many of the sellers here are qualified from experience or education standards, or good enough at analyzing and communicating to even do that, or understand it. We have a lot of poorly educated or undereducated sellers from all over the world. What you require is someone with an in depth understanding of the nuances of branding. No wonder it’s been difficult to find the right sellers.


The problem here is that if this was your request, it’s too generic and doesn’t really make sense.

What kind of evaluation are you looking for? Do you want to know how much a domain will cost? Do you want to know if anyone is already using a similar brand name? Do you want someone to analyze the projected cost of a PPC ad campaign using words and taglines which can rank well in Google and drive people to your brand?

This isn’t a good response at all. This person has just repeated your question back at you. They haven’t asked what you actually want or told you what they can offer.

I’ve done a lot of buying. Communication, realistic expectations, and understanding what you want can avoid most problems. Sadly, I feel you might not be aware of how you could improve wording requests in mind of the above.