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Sellers are following really bad advice

Thanks for response. Yes i want to “set up a youtube channel” !!! What you presume is entirely wrong. You assume i already have the youtube channel ? In spite of what actually and specifically said ? I am specific about what i want !! Exactly what i specifically said = “create youtube channel” !!! The rest of your response is just gone of a wrong assumption.

Guy gets to a new town, says “Where can I find a McDonalds or a basic-hamburger place?” Other guy he asks just can’t grasp it; does know what a ‘basic-hamburger’ is and what is 'McDonalds". But just can’t ‘hear’ what’s actually said. And responds with “there’s some terrific steak-houses and fish places and … just around the corner”. He’s not ‘trying’ to ‘divert’ the guy who asked the question, he just can’t ‘conceive’ of someone asking for a basic hamburger. And doesn’t even consider that he can’t conceive of it. I do do the work. Amazing all the mis-conceptions you pursued here.

Like ‘why’ do you ‘presume’ what you do ? What had you ‘presume’ ‘that’ ?
Thanks \

Because the initial setup of a youtube channel takes about 5 minutes so I couldn’t imagine anyone going to the effort of hiring someone for that.

Job done, no charge

What I presumed was that you would require all of the services which are related to setting up a professional looking channel.


Sure it might take only 5 minutes – if you know what you’re doing, I know … that was totally obvious of you = “I couldn’t imagine …”
– oh and your “superior” attitude-filled snarky response >
– ok you …\ you wanna help or just argue and think of yourself as a superior human being

1] What should i know about “Brand Accounts” ? Is there a charge related to that ?
2] What should i know about business or other name ?
3] How does youtube relate to Google My Business ?
4] How ‘inflated’ with yourself are you ?
5] What are the questions i should be able to address in setting up a youtube account ?
6] Do you actually think you are “helpful” here ?
7] Does anyone else here think you are “helpful”?

Seems to me like you have a lot more queries than your initial request - I hope you are not asking for these as a revision but are actually paying for them as they weren’t included in your initial specific question.

Answered within the link I sent

Answered within the link I sent

It doesnt although like many things you can use them together

Are you calling me fat?

Answered within the link I sent

Earlier I was, now I just realize you are looking to win an argument rather than get answers so I’m not interested in helping any more

Can’t speak for other people

Now, I am glad we had this chat because you just showed how difficult you are as a buyer. You asked a question which has a bizarrely obvious solution so I went way beyond that in terms of providing an answer. You confirmed your question was seeking the bizarrely obvious solution so I then gave that, despite your insulting tone.
You then asked 7 further questions, 3 of which were to be insulting and 3 of which were actually answered within the link I sent initially, had you bothered to read it.

You would have wanted to pay $5 for this service too and been incredibly upset had I asked for more, am-I-right?


I actually think @eoinfinnegan has been extremely helpful towards you…

There was nothing in his message to prompt this kind of response from you, and nothing in either of his responses came across as snarky whatsoever. The only ‘snarkiness’ has been in your replies.

I’m genuinely baffled as to why you would pen such a defensive reply to someone who’s just trying to help you?


This is good advice for sellers. Understand what the buyer wants and deliver that to them in a timely manner. I leave my account on at all times and respond to messages as soon as I can, usually within an hour unless I am in the studio recording. Thank you!

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I do!

Eoin is one of the most experienced and helpful posters on the forum.

His advice is invaluable!

There really was no need for the tone of your reply.


Good lord, this entire thread is such an awkward read.


So do I.

@michfiver3, it looks like you don’t want to just create a YouTube channel, you also want tutoring and a bunch of explanations with it. It also looks like you’d be quite a difficult buyer, saying you want one thing, but then taking it for granted that you’d receive a lot more than you said you needed.

If this is how you usually contact sellers, it’s not much of a surprise that many fail to understand you, and that many have no wish to respond.


@michfiver3 You got a useful answer from eoninfinnegan.

Anyone can easily set up a youtube channel and begin to upload videos. It’s as simply as setting up a google email address or maybe easier.

If you need a banner you can hire someone to make you one.
If you need a brand name you can hire someone to suggest them.
It’s not nearly as complicated as you think. I’m sure you can do most of it yourself.


I’m sorry, but all your posts here suggest that you have a significant problem even knowing what you want, before you even ask sellers for help.


clears throat did someone just say old account?


We got another one? It’s been a few days.

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@michfiver3 it’s a good advice that sellers should read the requirements before placing a bid. That they should response more professionally. Not all sellers do this but there are many experienced professionals here working on good quality projects. I suggest you to come up with a conclusion of all this discussion you have had so far. I’ve read many good suggestion from members and they are helpful if you keep them in mind for your next order on fiverr. But if you are here to win an argument then “Thank you for your response” :wink:

I think he helped.

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I wouldn’t want to work with the original poster at all! Don’t like the response you got from a seller? Then move on. Why waste time? (Unless you need time to drink a beer or two.)


Wow, just wow! :astonished:

My mama taught me to be more polite when interacting with people. :flushed:

As others have already said, you have been rude to an extremely knowledgeable and respected member of the Fiverr Forum community. Furthermore, as you can see, Eoin’s posts have been getting many likes :heart:s because many agree with him. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

From the tone of all of your posts, I think there is a reason you are having issues with sellers on Fiverr. :thinking:


Now we all see why you are having so many difficulties with sellers. And it doesn’t look like the problem in “all” sellers. I still could understand that people who are not proficient in English couldn’t understand you but now it’s obvious that no matter if you are a native speaker or not it wouldn’t make a difference because your queries are vague.

You put one sentence without bothering to explain what you mean and what you need.
Again you asked to “create YouTube channel” but you didn’t mention all your other questions and that you also want tutoring services to go with it because you can not read it yourself. Which is completely different service and doesn’t come as a default to your original query, we are not mind readers. If you don’t explain properly what you need you will still keep complaining that no one understands you.

I think it’s time to admit that if you have a problem with everyone then the problem not in “everyone else” but in you.

Yes he is. And would you bother to read his reply you would’ve saw that he already sorted all your questions with just one link. And he did it FOR FREE for you as opposed to paying for a gig as you were planning.


This buyer needs to be explicit in his scope about what he wants. Way too much of this is inferred, added on after and what we refer to in project management as “scope creep.” It’s also not appropriate for the price.

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So you are probably the hot woman😁. looking probably for the bad guy😎.nice illustration though😂

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How about you stop trying $5 gigs and go for the real sellers? :slight_smile: You are dealing with people with zero skills who don’t understand English and are just trying to earn some pocket change. They don’t know how, they try whatever advice is available. But they still have zero skill, so they use templates, stolen materials, scripts, robots…usually free+bad quality tools to try and deliver some gigs. The fault is yours for trying to buy good quality services for $5.

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