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Sellers are not protected

Hello, We are in Fiverr from the end of February and we have a really good statistic last few months.
We have completed 86 orders(5*), became 2 LVL sellers and had a few loyal customers, which is really good for us and for our services.

So, what is the problem?! Last month we got 2 orders which were ordered mistakenly, buyers asked those, which we are not providing, so of course, we’ve canceled the order. Whats happened?! Impressions, statistics and everything which we have achieved the last few months fell in the dawn.

Why this happening?! Why we, sellers need to “pay” if somebody not riding the description or order requipments?! :slight_smile:


Yes, of-course such sort of issues must be resolved.


same story @gm_production from last 50 days I only get 3 to 4 order, I am so sad from last 50 Days

Next time you can try requesting that customer support cancels those which were ordered by mistake since we have a few reports that they can do it so it doesn’t affect your stats.


Thanks for the info but yes, we have contacted CS and they help us, NO it’s only impact with “Order Completion Rate” its still 100%. As CS said anyway this cancelation will effect in my gig stat.

So, It’s effected impressions+clicks. They are falling dawn:)

There is no seller protection here, probably same thing happened to you, Your gig must have disappeared to last page and thats why your Stats are down now.
I got 1 bad feedback due to a bug where buyer requested revisions and i didnt get it, then later fiverr cancelled the order too. So straight after that my gig disappeared from page 1 to page 100th. Now its been 10 days, i finally gave all proof and told them that it was a bug and not my fault at all, so got the feedback removed and i am telling them to remove the cancellation effect to so my gig comes back atleast. But they are not doing that either.
Stuck at page 100th now killing flies. Sent a gig with 13k reviews to last page with gigs who got 0 reviews. This is a beyond joke now!!

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This is really, really bad but what we, sellers can do against this one?! Nothing :slight_smile:

Nothing, they simply dont care. This is a messed up system, i dont know why they cant let someone work in peace and let the performance decide where the gig should be, instead of throwing it to last page.


On the contrary, this is EXACTLY what happens. Gig/seller performance IS what determines where a gig shows up in the search results.

Clearly not the case, there is absolutely no way to throw a gig from page 1 to 100th page just on basis of 4/5 negative ratings in comparison to 100s of positive ratings. All the other stats are 100% and 4.9 ratings. Never ever i came across this issue in past 5 years. Once my gig went to page 2 because i didnt get many orders and reviews, then after working harder i brought it back up. If you are calling jumping from page 1 to last page which is around 100 a normal process then there is something wrong with you mate!
Also to mention that many other sellers are facing this issue who doesnt even have a negative review or cancellation or late delivery, their gig just disappeared after verifying ID. To me 200% its got nothing to do with performance. People with 100% in everything, 5 star ratings are facing this issue.

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Yes I’ve seen gigs that tank for no reason now.

It would be nice if we could see what page our gigs are on easily somehow. But they jump around so that probably wouldn’t be doable.

I am always amazed how people even noticing which page their gig on. How often do you need to check that?

And to be honest it’s completely useless to check what page your gig is on because everybody sees it differently.
You might see it on page one and your buyers might see it at the same time on page 3 for example.

In all this years I think I searched for my gig only 5-6 times and mostly to see how my updated picture looks like among other gigs and if it’s catching attention better than others.
I have better things to do than checking where is my gig even in slow periods.


You are assuming that the only performance stats that affect search result placement are the eight stats you see on your Analytics page. That would be a false assumption. Fiverr has, in fact, stated that there are other additional statistics – that only they can see (and only they will ever see) – that also affect search result placement. Perhaps it is one or more of those unseen metrics that has resulted in your gig falling down in the search results. Please do not assume that what you see is the only cause of what you experience. The Fiverr search system is far more robust than that.

There is nothing wrong with me, and certainly not because I disagree with you. Your observations do not appear to be as extensive as you think.

Mistakenly orders does not affect the stats(if you bring it in the notice of CS).

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It’s effected, it’s fact and CS also mentioned it :slight_smile:

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I had this fine gentleman ordering a gig from me last week. We discussed the brief, shook hands, he told me he was excited to work with me. Then requested a cancellation through resolution center 2 hours later citing “The seller is unable to do this job” (something like that).

I was irked by him choosing this reason specifically. It was kind of accusatory and painting me as incapable to do something I could do, something I’ve confirmed that I could do. So I declined and tried to get it cancelled through CS but he would push that dang button over and over, all indignant and stuff. Would ignore my requests for CS to handle it.

So I just accepted before CS could respond to get this over with. My completion rate went down to 99% (which was expected). Then I asked CS to look into this particular situation. They did, brought my completion rate back to 100%, then told me some of my metrics could still be affected. Which is their standard disclaimer, btw, they drop it every time you mention things affecting things.

That made me think that these 3 metrics we have at the top of our profiles are purely/mostly cosmetic. There was “Meets deadlines” showing up under gig description in Buyer’s mode a while back. People with 100% delivered on time had it at 95-99%. And this is the one we could actually see, there is a bunch of those we never do.

It’s a bit confusing to me how people go: “Well, I have 5* reviews”, thus I shouldn’t be affected. Well, a lot of sellers do if you take a closer look. Building a strong profile is a must but it doesn’t make you immune.

Cancellations = unfair complaints have been going on for years and years. It’s a metric that works for the site, they are not getting rid of it. Move on with your work, check your gig description in case something can be reworded/made less open to interpretation after this experience you had.


Who said that we need this one?! Yes we need to build strong profile and we are working 24/7 for this. There is big disapointment that some irresponsible buyer(who don’t have time to read description and order requipments) can destroy everything, thats all :slight_smile:

Posts like this are always structured the same way, though. “I have X 5* reviews, why is this happening to me?” It happens, it affects us all, that’s it.

I don’t think “everything” was destroyed, though. It’s a temporary dip most likely. If you have regulars already, they’ll help to bring the gig back on track. Hopefully sooner than later.


We have mentioned this one, because we are not newbie and have not any experiances here on Fiverr. As Georgian says: “If somebody tell good things, need someone to understand correctly”(in Georgian hearing better than English :slight_smile: )

Thank you, we hope this will happen sooner :slight_smile:

Oh, you’re from Georgia. I just came back from Georgia. Your food and wine are so good it’s unfair. <3