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Sellers are not safe on fiverr - Worst policy for sellers

Hi Fiverr Community,

just sharing some of my experiences.

The current policy of Fiverr has made very easy for the buyers to do fraud with the sellers.

They can place the order
Seller will deliver their work
now after the completion of work they will keep asking you for revisions and once the order is late they can simply cancel the gig and get the work done for free.

I am level two seller and have received more than 500 five Star reviews. i had many such bad experience in past. but in particular i want to share a recent one.

i buyer wanted to place a gig from me even when i was on vacation. she contacted me and i refused to take the gig because i suspected that this order will not go well.

she contacted the fiverr support. and a support person contacted me and asked me to why i m stopped responding to her on my explanation i received this reply from them:

Thank you for your reply. I do understand your concerns. I’m sorry to hear that your experience with this buyer has been less than positive.
Please rest assured that we take our sellers’ revenue very seriously, and we require buyers to provide us with a satisfactory explanation and proof before cancelling an order. Please continue communicating with the buyer to see if you are able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement regarding this order, and let us know if there is anything we can assist you with.

as this reply was quite satisfactory so i decided to work with that buyer. Now its been 26 days whenever i deliver the gig she just rejects it and ask for more modifications. and once i do all of these she just doesn’t reply unless i deliver it again and then she just rejects it. even i have done much more than what we originally decided.

i contacted the fiverr support and this is the reply i got from them

Unfortunately we can’t complete orders from our side. we cannot force buyer to accept seller’s service if they have issues with it.

when i said ok i m gonna cancel it and remove my work i got this reply

You need to continue communicating with your buyer.

and fiverr support said they ask the trust and safety team to review the buyer but its been 3 days when i asked for the report from them they just said:

Please continue communicating with the buyer to try and reach an amicable agreement regarding your order.

They can simply hold our (sellers) account by just one complain of any buyer without any proof but can’t do that for buyers? Fiverr needs to have a better policy for sellers!!!


One question if you’ve been burned so many times why are you still here doing the same thing FYI you’re not talking to no spring chicken kiddo


This will be a cold place if we all give up and choose to never trust again. I took the chance again and again, and still have a hope :wink:


Just don’t work with buyers who raise too many red flags. Your the boss of your business and while fiverr cs can offer you advice the choice is yours alone.


The solution is simple. Know your limits, and don’t cross them. Be willing to say, “no”. You don’t have to let buyers walk all over you. This is your business, your terms, and your service. Don’t keep giving your work away for free.


Did you submit a ticket to have customer support cancel the order?

26 days is a very long time to go through this with the buyer.

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Keep redelivering the same work immediately with every revision request. This is a strategy to get free work from sellers but from experience, they usually give up when you respond to every revision request with a new delivery.

Also, if you inform your buyer that any use of your work without payment will result in a DCMA takedown request being sent to their end client, this should frighten them into accepting delivery too.

That said, are you saying that this buyer messaged you prior to ordering and then contacted CS to complain that you weren’t available for orders?


yes exactly! even when my account status was on vacation mode.

and even when i explained everything to CS this is what they replied.

Please respond to your buyer’s inquiry in regards to this. While I understand that you’ve already explained this to your buyer, we ask that you maintain communication so that you do not come across as unresponsive.

It’d be nice if Fiverr had a rating system for both buyers and sellers, and we could use that system to determine which level of buyers and sellers we are willing to work with.

For example: I am a buyer - I could indicate in the search feature that I do not want to see sellers with a rating (Scale of 1-10) below a certain point, say a 7 or an 8. And vice-versa; sellers do not have to accept work from buyers with a low rating. It is their business and they should be allowed to determine what level is acceptable to them. On busy months they could stay up around 7 - 10, and on slower months, maybe take a chance on buyers whose rating is around 5 - 6. Eventually the horrible sellers and buyers (below a 5) would be weeded out and leave.

Crazy idea, or not?


Recently 1 week ago i faced 2 coustomer which order me, i do that work,then make disputes on my order. I wrote ticket to fiver Cs they said that following.

Then i realized i have two developed ownself some skills otherwise my business go down,
then i got an idea

why not i add my limitation in fiver gig description,so that similar mistake never take place again.

from this incident i learn two things:

  1. Now i directly say "No " to buyer.
  2. know my limitation (on which now i am working )

Fiverr is not bad or good place its our thinking.
This is business platform, we have to develop inside ownself some extra business skills,

which are you not learn in business college or in an any websites .

And final

We love this website and fiverr team.


seems like a great idea!

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I agree. but policies of business matters.!

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We’ll, it depends.

What about new sellers without any reviews?

What’s to stop buyers from canceling account and creating new ones every time they get bad review? After all, they don’t have gigs or level badge.


Actually. your statement is incorrect. After an order has been delivered, it can never be cancelled for late delivery. Even if the gig says that it is late, the only person who can ever cancel it is the seller. I have 3 orders from 5 years old where the content was absolutely bloody perfect, but the buyer did not think so (didn’t stop him using it). I will never get paid for those gigs, but at least the buyer can never cancel!


Sorry about that, you need to be careful of some buyers. Keep on contacting fiverr support and I am sure you will come out on top

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its sad! fiverr has a soft heart for buyer and they have hard and tough heart for seller.
there is not balance for both buyer and seller.
please give some more rights to seller too.
we are working here as a professional and for me this is a full time job but due to few buyers i am feeling insecure


No, buyer can raise dispute and even completed orders can also be cancelled and your account deducted by the amount, it has happend with me dear

I can 100% guarantee only sellers can cancel rejected orders. If you have had a rejected order cancelled, it is due to a PayPal chargeback.

That helps, but recently two buyers have still chosen to “ignore” what was in my gig description for limits AND what I wrote in the custom offer that was the exact same limit and they still tried (one is still trying) to extort more work out of me than what they paid for and agreed to in the upfront contract.

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same thing happened to me, it is good idea to contact fiverr support to solve the issue.

and before you do so, list all the agreed work and also the work you have done.

Good luck!