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Sellers are sending buyer request & Others are sending offer to them

Now I have hundreds of buyer request, but unfortunately, there is no buyer request. All are seller’s advertisements. I know this is a common affair on fiverr now but I am confused about those sellers, who are sending offers to those posts. A lots of sellers are sent offer to that post, I know most of them are new on fiverr but shouldn’t they read the job post carefully before sending offers to those post?

Similarly, when a buyer post a job request then I think they will get a lots of fake sellers’ offers and that will disappoint the buyer. They will be confused about sellers (who are really skilled).

There are few sellers who doesn’t know what is buyer request. Shouldn’t fiverr apply few rules about that matter?

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Really that’s a great idea. It will be better for all.


i have been seeing these and i was very shocked,… were the rules changed? or what??


Actually not. But we wish fiverr will change this.

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It’s a common things in fiverr. Always show seller request. Fiverr need to make a rules for this.


As of now i have not send any buyer request. How can I do it my friend. could you please advice.

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A report feature would make a huge difference. The amount of spammy seller requests makes the site look unprofessional. And it creates a, “Cry wolf,” scenario where sellers stop looking at the buyer requests, thus reducing the quality of the feature for buyers.


Thanks for your suggetion

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