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Sellers are spinning their wheels

90% of my orders this week were wrong. I’m not exaggerating.

I’ve spent more time cancelling and explaining to Buyers what is plainly written in my gig and shown on my video than fulfilling orders. The last person sent me a script for a full television commercial shot in 3 locations with camera angles and lighting directions! My gig is for cheesy testimonials shot with a webcam in my dining room!

In order to keep my high rating, I need to respond to the lunacy. This takes time; time that could be spent marketing my gig!

It would be great if Fiverr added a little checkbox for us Sellers that automatically cancelled the order and sent a message to the Buyer to “read gig description again and message the Seller should you have questions before re-ordering”.

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It’s really frustrating when buyers clearly haven’t read either your gig description or your mandatory instructions. I don’t understand it… I mean, if you’re going to buy a service, aren’t you going to actually read what the service is? So. Frustrating. I’ve been in similar situations where clients ask me to provide work that is completely out of bounds - how to invest their money, whether they should see a doctor or not, and so on - and in those situations I send a request for mutually agreed cancellation. Fortunately, in the list of reasons you can select, “Buyer requested work not offered by the seller.” Then, in the text box that follows, you can explain what the buyer requested and politely tell them to either ask for something you do offer, or take a hike.

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I too have this problem. I once had someone order a pilot TV show commercial for $5 who then dared to say after looking at my gigs, that I was probably only fit to work on work for people like “Sally the Secretary.”

In this case, why did you order!

That said, I am now very careful about canceling orders as this did seem to lead to my losing my level 2 ranking a while back. In this case, I now either ask buyers for more $$'s (if I can do the work) or take a screenshot of the order before cancelling in case I ever need to explain to CS why my cancellation rate is so high.

Personally, I find the mentality behind people ordering like this hugely depressing. I do real estate videos and am routinely shocked by the intellectual vacantness of a lot of the (apparently) very well paid, high-flying real estate agents who request work.

i.e. “Hi, just to check, if you are based in the UK, how long will it take you to get here and take some shots to create your tour?”

  • Yes, aside from people not reading my gig descriptions or watching my videos, some people actually think that I am going to personally visit their properties and take professional photos, (via a transatlantic flight to Miami) for $5-$30 in total.

Then there is the epic order I got to write a letter for someone (for $5) which would 100% guarantee that the person they sent it to would invest $1 million in their business idea.

It’s tough, but at least if anyone ever asks you what you do for a living, you can say that you spend 8 hours a day simply surfing a sea of existential idiots.

“Then there is the epic order I got to write a letter for someone (for $5) which would 100% guarantee that the person they sent it to would invest $1 million in their business idea.”

Offer a mutual cancellation, that has no effect on your rating. I think the problem was that you offered 10-12 cancellations together. If you offer just 2 or 3 a week, it’s okay.

Also, I suspect one of your clients complained about you to customer support last time. That was the reason for the action that followed.

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Glad I’m not the only one experiencing this! I would say 1 in 10 this past 2 weeks clearly haven’t read the gig description when ordering. Then seem to be scratching their heads when the gig is delivered.

Also I have been getting a lot of buyers who ask for a revision and simply say l want to keep the order open to “see results”.

This once the order has been completed and delivered.

Then I have the explain as nicely as possible that the timer/clock is ticking down and that isn’t possible.

I’ve been with Fiverr since 2012 and I haven’t experienced so many, what I can only describe as “kids” ordering

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Some ppl are just flat out idiots, I had one foolio ask for a 6 hr DJ mix with unlimited revisions, just laughed them straight into report/block. I don’t have time for stupid buyers, regardless of how much $ I could “potentially” (9/10 you end up mutually cancelling because they’re just stupid beyond comprehension) earn from them, it really isn’t worth the headache.

You said it man!

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The past few weeks have seen a surge. Is this a new form of attack, to drive people crazy?

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School’s out for summer–the whole internet just lost a lot of IQ points.

That’s not to say the kids are dumb, but they don’t have a whole lot of money, nor do they have a whole lot of business experience. There’s also entitlement to throw into the mix. Some will grow up, others will remain the same until they’re six feet under and become what we all love and treasure as “problem clients”.

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