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Sellers are totally unprotected

If the buyer does not like something, then the seller has no mechanisms to protect their work.

Only two options:

  1. Either the seller will receive payment, and then negative feedback.
  2. Either the seller will not receive payment.

For a long time working as a freelancer, I ran into an orgus number of customers who do not know what they want, cannot clearly articulate their requirements, and are constantly dissatisfied with everything wihtout any reasons (without any constructive criticism).


It is more possible :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Agreed, I had this happen to me recently :unamused:

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I also agree Because fiverr support 100% buyers in any situation.

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…We all know this. There are tons of topics on it. At least put it in the ranting pot.


Seriously I think that depending on the case, sometimes one should receive a percentage of the payment if the client asked for the cancellation especially if one did everything that was asked but that is very utopian.
I would ask fiverr not to lower the rates. Not long ago I happened that a client in her words told me that she regretted making that gift and asked me to cancel the order. There was no problem with my work, she simply was not going to make that gift. After 4 months of having my OC below 95% it reaches 100% and for a single order it is canceled low to 97% and there are many more orders that have to be completed in order to go up at least one point. I think it’s too much punishment and what we lose if we have at least one below 90% and it generates unnecessary stress.
I really don’t have problems canceling sometimes, it’s even better for me. I consider money sometimes not worth as much as my tranquility or a job that does not please the client, and it’s my job. but being careful to have everything over 90% sometimes becomes stressful and extra work.


Fiverr has metrics that need to be achieved in order to push sellers to be excellent sellers.

If a buyer asks you to cancel a completed order, just say “no”. You did the work, you deserve to get paid for it. The more you agree to cancel, the more your cancellation rightfully goes down. If you don’t want the cancellation rating to go down, don’t agree to cancel completed orders.


In this situation, he will leave a negative review which also spoil the seller profile. How can seller avoid this. And also refuse to cancel the order.

You can not. Wear the buyers shoes, they didn’t get what they wanted and even it’s unfair to the seller that’s how they feel and if they can’t get a refund they also should be entitled to at least leave a review that they feel is fair. And you can always comment of their review with your side of the story.

I find it totally fair.


The same thing, I said…If a buyer ask you to cancel order. you have to. You cannot refuse. Otherwise, you’ll be rewarded with a negative review.

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No that’s not the same thing I said. I never cancel orders when buyer is asking me to after I completed the order. They can leave whatever review they feel is fair but I’m not going to cancel the order that I spent my time working on. Coma.


No, most definitely not. 100% untrue in every possible way. You do not have to cancel an order if a buyer asks you to – and certainly not after the order has been completed. This is why Fiverr allows the seller to accept or deny a cancellation request. If the seller didn’t have a choice, Fiverr wouldn’t allow them to choose.

So you’ll get a negative review. It happens. Learn to accept it and move on.


I agree with jonbaas. Just accept a negative review. It’s not the end.
Or if you cannot do that cancel the order. Either way it’s what you have to do to work on fiverr. It shouldn’t happen too often.


there’s actually a 3rd option as well… a bad review then a chargeback :)) … so you get the negative review and no money ha ha

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cre8iveartwork This is the worst option I think and I had faced this as well once or twice

Maximum time buyer are not clear his requirement but when delivery work . he make many issue… it’s very disturbing .

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Explain how that is different to almost any business anywhere?
Any business can have a client who is unhappy. They might be unreasonable and demand a refund or leave a review about the company on one or more of the many thousands of review websites online.
These businesses can choose to refund and hope the client is happy then or they can take a negative review. Same as on Fiverr. It’s up to you to learn how to deal with customers, that’s freelancing.


I disagree that the seller is unprotected. The secret is to send a short message with screenshots to customer support in a very professional way if you have done everything right and nothing wrong.

Be very professional, very brief, very unemotional and explain with screenshots what is going on if there is a problem and they might help you and you will not get penalized in any way.

While this may not always be correct, it does happen that customer support will help you.


It depends on what you’re selling.

If you fix wordpress errors, then the errors are either fixed or unfixed, so unless the buyer is a crook, you will get paid and get a good review.

If you write songs, design logos, illustrate children’s books, then it’s a question of having portfolio samples and attracting the people that like your samples. Even then, there’s a danger they won’t like your work. Those gigs are risky.


It becomes 100 times riskier for sellers who give unlimited revisions.

It all comes down to how well you do your job and how well you communicate, and how often you are targeted by buyers who cause problems, which is affected by your prices. Be smart about your business.